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Have You Met WeMet Pro?

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
WeMet Pro - Soft Density

WeMet Pro iPhone App Review.

It's true that slowly but surely traditional printed business cards go out of style. It was technology that made them possible, and it will be technology that will make them obsolete. While everyone has one way or another of looking at when and how this will come true, there are developers in the AppStore that have taken this matter into their own hands and went beyond the drawing board.

One such app that evolved from sketches and is available for download on your iPhone is WeMet Pro. The app tries to solve the clumsy task of exchanging contact information, by proposing its own way of putting aside the printed business cards.

What it does

WeMet Pro is designed with one goal in mind. To make it easy for you to take down your contact's information and send him or her your own contact info from the same screen. As a first step, you'd need to tell WeMet Pro who you are and fill in the required information about yourself, such as phone number, email address, name, birthday and so on. After that, when taking down someone's contact, you can send them your own either by email or SMS.

The form that you need to fill in is quite simple and it works great. WeMet Pro actually works as an interface between you and your Contacts app on your iPhone.

It's this actually where I see a problem. WeMet Pro is an interface for an interface. It's not an extra step to take down information, it more or less tries to replace the "old" way you would take down someone's contact info with a similar interface, for the added benefit of being able to pass back your own contact information easier.

What happens at the other end of the line

No matter how you choose to send your contact information, by email or SMS, the recipient will get basically the same information, configured in the same way. Your contact information is included in the SMS or email in text format. It'll still be up to the recipient to copy-paste all this information from the SMS, or type it out manually if it's an email, into the Contacts app, or the WeMet Pro app. Additionally, more information is saved with the contact: the timestamp of the exchange and the GPS location of the interaction.

The problem I see is in the way users may actually take down contact information. When it comes to me, I simply ask my friend to ring me one and hang-up, this way I have his phone number. From there to adding him in the Contact book is just a matter of one touch and a couple of key strokes. With WeMet Pro, you'd need to open up the app, and start writing everything down, contact phone number included. It may be one extra step to essentially get that information into my Contact book.

In the end, WeMet Pro is a rather cumbersome way of sharing contact information. When you think of the other alternatives (Bump comes to mind), WeMet Pro is looking at some rather stiff competition and will need to convince the AppStore users why it has the upper hand.


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WeMet Pro
Developer: Soft Density PTE Ltd.
Category: Social Networking
Released: January 7th, 2011
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

2.5 / 5

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  1. Myra says:

    I have tried both. While bump is great the only irritating thing is that the person you want to share contacts with must also have this app else it wont work.

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