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June’s Top Free Games

Posted by Maria Poeana

Judging by the looks of the best games released this previous month, June was a very animated month, with games inspired by the recently released sequel of Monsters Inc. and the brand new Despicable me 2 animation. And June also brought a bit of mystery, some strategy, and a lot of fun. So, let's take a look at what we considered to be the best games of June.

Minion Rush icon

Minion Rush

Inspired by the hit animation, Despicable me, and promoting its promising sequel, Minion Rush is the perfect combination between a popular animation and the already iconic Temple Run gameplay. Your job is to control one of the adorable minions, as he runs through Gru's lab.

You have mostly the same controls as in Temple Run, a lot of cool power-ups and other items to be collected. You can upgrade your Minion's look, buying him all sorts of costumes. And there are a lot of achievements up for grabs. But Minion Rush also brings some new stuff to the table that make the game even more fun. Like bonus points you can achieve by hitting other Minions on your way. Or an epic battle with the vicious Victor. And when you add amazing graphics to all this, how can you say no to Minion Rush?

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Catch Archie icon

Catch Archie - Monsters University

Since we're on the topic of great games inspired by hit Hollywood animation, Catch Archie is no less appreciated than Minion Rush. Inspired by Monsters Inc. and promoting the amazing sequel, Monsters University, it looks like the people at Disney followed the same recipe as Gameloft with Minion Rush, when creating this game.

Catch Archie follows the same Temple-Run-like gameplay, but your main goal here, besides helping one of these funny looking monsters to avoid all obstacles and collect all sorts of items, is to catch Archie before time runs out. Other than that, the game is pretty similar to Temple Run. Although here, you have all these stages to clear, which makes Catch Archie even more of a challenge. And even more fun.

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Sprinkle icon


The funny looking monster game collection continues with Sprinkle. But, with Sprinkle, the gameplay has nothing to do with Temple Run. And you don't even control these creatures. Your job is to save them, along with their houses, from burning up.

Sprinkle is a fun, mind-challenging puzzle game, where you have to control the water flow to put out the fire. You have a limited amount of time, a sprinkler you can only move in a couple of ways, and a lot of obstacles in your way. But if you take a moment to have a look at the big picture, you'll soon realize how you can use water to move all those obstacles around and use them to your advantage. You have to hurry, though, because if you spend too much time thinking and not doing anything, the houses will eventually burn up. Quite a bit of a challenge, indeed.

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Solstice Arena icon

Solstice Arena

Now, if Sprinkle required a bit of strategy, Solstice Arena is pure strategy. To help you get a better picture of the game, Solstice Arena is a sort of D.O.T.A for the iPad. It's complex, complicated, strategical, and extremely addictive.

With Solstice Arena, you have two teams battling each other. You are a member of one of the teams, and you can play along and against real people in real time. Or against bots, which is the best option at first, especially if you haven't played this type of game before. Each team has a sort of totem to protect, and the game ends when this is destroyed by the opposite team. You'll die loads of times along the way. But each time you revive, you take the game where you left off, stronger and more determined to win. Because you gain experience with every battle you have before you die. And you can use the seconds it takes you to revive to buy all sorts of weapons and armory to become even stronger.

I say it again: Solstice Arena is an extremely complex game. You have to collect money. Know when to fight and when to let your mates take a shot for you, while you take a hit at the opposite team's totem. What character to use, depending on its skills. And what weapons to buy along the way. It's completely free of charge. But it's gonna cost you a lot of time, once it gets you hooked.

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Mystery Room icon

Mystery Room

Last but not least, there's Mystery Room. And I must admit I had a lot of mixed feelings about this game. But after solving the first case, I knew Mystery Game had to be part of this list for Top Games in June.

Mystery Game gives you the chance to be a sort of Sherlock Holmes and try to solve all kinds of mysteries. There's a lot of dialogue involved, so you might get a bit bored until you actually get to do something. But the best part about it is that it actually lets you analyze a fictional crime scene and name who you think is guilty, judging by the clues you find at the crime scene and what the suspects say. Then, step by step, as you confront the suspects, more clues are brought to the table, until you know for sure who is guilty and you turn clues into pieces of evidence to confront the guilty.

Once one case is solved, it's time to move to the next one, and the next one, and so on. So, you could easily spend days solving one case after another. Mainly because Mystery Room doesn't make you feel like you're playing a game, but rather you're watching a TV show, being an active part in its progress.

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