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WebMD iPhone App Review.

When it comes to diseases, few of us know how and when to act. On the one hand, there are the ipohondriacs, who only need a mild headache to call their doctor. And then, there are most of us, who are so busy with our daily chores, that we sometimes wait for years before going to a medical check. Fortunately, now you can have a basic medical check at home, whenever you feel something is wrong. It's free, easy to use, and only one tap away from you. This is WebMD.

The first thing you have to understand about WebMD is that it's not a substitute for a real doctor. WebMD suggests possible conditions for the simptoms you have. Tells you more about certain diseases you have. Suggests treatments and helps you get more info on the medication you're taking. Teaches you more about first aid. WebMD has answers for all of your questions. But you still need to see a doctor to tell you which one of these answers apply to your situation.

How does it work?

So, why use WebMd? Well, first of all because it helps you find out more about yourself and your body. Let's say you've been feeling sick for a couple of days, and today you also woke up with a rash. Go to WebMD, select a couple of profile details and, using the mannequin on the screen, easily pick the parts of your body that aren't well, and choose your simptoms from the list. With every symptom you add, there are more possible conditions to take into consideration. Some will be more alarming than others. Your job is not to get alarmed and start taking all sorts of pills.

WebMD helps you find out more about the possible causes that could've led to your condition. So you know what to avoid. Or what ordinary details to you might prove to be extremely relevant to your doctor. From this point on, it's your doctor's job to tell you which one of these possible scenarios apply to you. And what treatment you should follow.

Also, WebMD is a great teacher when you want to find out more about a certain medical condition. Suggesting all sorts of interesting, professional medical papers and articles, WebMD is a great source of information. And the same stands for medication. From utility to side effects and first measures in case of an overdose, you'll find out all there is to know about the pills you take.

WebMD is a great emergency tool. Besides suggesting first aid measures for all sorts of incidents, it also shows you the closest medical facilities near your location. Plus, it makes it easier for you to keep a personal medical record with an easy sign up for WebMD. The pills you take, the conditions you suffered from, all these things can easily be added and found every time you need them.

All in all, WebMD is not only one of the best medical apps in the AppStore, but also a real help in case of emergency. Whether you're studying medicine or just want to find out more about yourself, the conditions you have and the pills you take, WebMD is the app to have. It's not a substitute for a doctor, but it's a start in taking more care of yourself.


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Developer: WedMD
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Version reviewed: 3.4
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