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BioRhythm - iMistique

BioRhythm! iPhone App Review.

The development team from iMistique based its iPhone application on the biorhythm theory to aid and guide its users, and might I say believers in the theory, in their daily chores. BioRhythm! for the iPhone and iPod Touch uses a simple set of calculations to determine your biorhythm cycles based on your date of birth.

Theorists of biorhythms argue that our lives are affected by a series of rhythmic biological cycles that control various biological processes. Three cyclic rhythms (the physical, the emotional and the intellectual) govern human behavior and prove a certain periodicity that our lives go through. Such theorists seek to make certain predictions based on these cycles and guide the process of carrying out tasks related to each of the three cycles.

The theory's basis lies in psychological and emotional cycles. Due to its sinusoidal nature, the cyclical flow of each of the three cycles undergoes periodic reverses in direction, as they oscillate between a positive and a negative 100%, during which bioelectric activity strengthens as it gets closer to the top margin and weakens as it goes towards the bottom margin. When the waveform crosses the x-coordinate, meaning it reaches 0, that specific day is called a "critical day," during which activities that pertain to that specific wave cycle should be avoided. D-Day is considered day 1, when we are born, when all cycles start at 0 - the first critical day.

So much for the theory. Now, going back to the iPhone app, BioRhythm does a great job at graphically displaying this information. Simply enter your date of birth and the app will calculate and display all three cycles for the current date. The app also can calculate the cycles for your friends and family and it lets you enter names to birth dates to differentiate. Now, all that it's missing is an actual explanation of what the red, green and blue lines actually mean. I had to do my own research on the matter, and if there is something that the app is missing is exactly this: a simple info button.

The app is nevertheless available for free in the App Store to download and use. But as to its actual use in practice, I can't see whether or not theory makes good or not. What's your take on this?


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Developer: iMistique
Category: Lifestyle
Updated: July 3rd, 2009
Price: FREE
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2.5 / 5

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