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Pump up that tune with Melodica

Posted by AppBite Team
Melodica - CandyCane

Melodica iPhone App Review.

With Melodica from iPhone developers CandyCane, the makers of Fuzzle, you don't need to be the new Mozart, although this little musical gem will let you play that little crazy genius on the keyboard. This app is the iPhone matrix synthesizer to keep around when all you need is a nice break and have some good old fashioned fun, whether a composer, music lover or a simple bystander.

No song sheets or tabs are necessary, and even if you're a novice or the next Mozart, you can have endless fun with this little gadget. The idea behind this iPhone app is simple and all it takes is some rhythmical tapping on a number of squares, lights will pop up letting you know a note will be played at that point. Just plug in your headphones and start tapping the boxes to create your masterpiece. It's so simple, we believe anyone can do it, and the iPhone app, although definitely incomparable to FruityLoops, comes as close as possible to making pretty nice beats with its limited tone sets.

On the off-chance, we've downloaded Melodica a couple of days after their latest much-needed updates, so we couldn't get a feel for their first version. But we must admit the updates make it a definite must-have. With Melodica, you can save your tunes, browse and listen saved melodies with a pretty awesome 3D view. One of the much needed updates related to several different speeds to playback tunes.

Melodica is indeed a tool that Mozart himself would have appreciated, and the only way to discover its true capabilities and your own musical abilities is to get a feel for the real thing. Especially at its low price, only $0.99 in the AppStore, Melodica is the tool to keep around when you're trying to revive the atmosphere with your friends on a boring night out.


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Developer: CandyCane
Category: Music
Updated: November 10th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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