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A new set of teeth for Appbite

Posted by AppBite Team

appbite-upgradeWe, at appbite, take care in the communication that takes places between our test team and our reader community. We do our best to make sure your experience prevails over anything else, and we push our review team to produce complete, objective and fun reviews for you to read and enjoy. Our aim, of course, is to become a trusted source of information for the iPhone and iPod Touch community worldwide.

Our project is constantly under development, as we're always seeking to improve, develop and grow exponentially, day after day, review after review. We would like to take this opportunity and thank the readers out there that have trusted us so far and the developers that have granted us with the much needed positive feedback on our reviews and project as a whole.

Recently, you might have noticed two new sections in the sidebar of our weblog. It is simply because of the importance we give to our reader-base, to you, the developers, and to the whole project, which comes before any individual that is part of this team. For you, we've put together two new sections of this website.

In The Fridge is our so-called "coming soon" section, where some of the most sought after apps are currently in the trusty hands of our test teams. We hope you will enjoy reading about some of these apps as the project progresses. We'll be constantly posting series of 4 to 6 apps that are under review so feel free to subscribe to our RSS link to stay up to date.

Another important section of our website is the Bites Of The Week section, where we will be featuring the two most creative and innovative apps that we have reviewed during the past week. We are of course always in a jam when deciding which app best fits that description, but in this decision, each factor plays an important role, and we look at usefulness, innovation, creativity, user interface design, and, most importantly, your feedback, when we decide to put one app or another as bite of the week.

We have also a few more surprises planned for you during these next few weeks, so feel free to subscribe to our news feeds and join our reader community.

All of this would not have been possible without our dedicated team of testers and reviewers, to which we take this opportunity to say a big thank you, and also welcome two new additions to our website development team. Thank you and get your bite on! Again!

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