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Note Weather - Elena Pristavko

Note Weather iPhoe App Review.

If you don't know whether or not to pick up an umbrella for work today, or if you need additional sun screen, then you're not up to date with the weather. You can easily check the current weather conditions on the iPhone via Notification Center or the weather app that came by default with your iPhone. But we know better. And if you're old-school, you still very much enjoy pen and paper. Heck you ditched all those ToDo apps out there and rely on the good ol' trusty notebook to keep track of everything. And it's at this intersection between good weather apps and trusty pen-paper apps that Note Weather comes in. It's not about to revolutionize your take on weather apps, but it provides a healthy alternative and a good source of awe for iPhone lovers.

What is Note Weather?

You can think of Note Weather as weather conditions you write down on your notepad with your pen. Every day. Always up to date.

At its core, Note Weather is an iPhone app that will show you the weather in a locations of your choosing. There's nothing special about that, but where Note Weather hits the mark is its simple and intuitive design. While I'm a firm believer in flat design and don't particularly appreciate the skeumorphic trend nowadays (I'm looking at you Apple), Note Weather makes the pen and paper approach work well for its iPhone app.

You can add as many locations as you wish. It's dead simple and really does require a handful of taps. Start typing and autocomplete will help you along the way to selecting your location from 100,000 cities across the globe. Once you've added the city, Note Weather will take over and show you detailed forecasts for the current day, the next two days, along with simpler forecasts for the next 15 days. So if you're planning a vacation, then the 15-day forecast should definitely come in handy.

As part of the detailed forecast, Note Weather will show you daily and nightly temperature, pressure, solar activity, wind direction and speed, humidity in the air and tell you the chance of precipitation. And that's not all. Because a lot of the times, we can't rely on the number of degrees to know who chilly it is outside, Note Weather takes it a step forward and tells you how it feels outside as well.

You can customize the display to show you Celsius instead of Fahrenheit or kilometers instead of miles. Additionally, each city you add will show you the local time there. I thought that was a neat touch.

No matter if you're all for skeumorphism or would rather go the Google-way, Note Weather is a fantastic app. Too bad it doesn't integrated with Notification Center.


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Note Weather
Developer: Elena Pristavko
Category: Weather
Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Price: $1.99

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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