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Open Wide Snap - Fiona

Open Wide Snap iPhone App Review.

Mr Crocodile needs to clean his teeth or else he'll get cavities. But no one wants to help him, because they are all afraid that he's going to eat them. Take a journey with this nice Crocodile as he is trying to find someone who will help him, and find out how the story ends with a single download of Open Wide Snap from the AppStore.

What is Open Wide Snap

Open Wide Snap is an ebook for children meant to help them learn new words while enjoying the story of the nicest crocodile in the world. Your child will surely enjoy this rhyming story, filled with great graphics and a really nice background tune to go along with it. Plus, with Open Wide Snap, you can read the story to your child, or you can let him listen as it is being read by a professional children's narrator from the BBC CBeebies Tv Show.

Learn while having fun

As the narrator reads out the story, the words that she says appear highlighted, so that your child can see exactly how every word is pronounced. Plus, if he taps on one of the items on the screen, he will be told and shown how the item is called. These features use both visual and sound to help your child better understand these words, while enjoying the rhyming story and the beautiful moving images that bring it to life.

And there's still more about Open Wide Snap that helps your child develop other skills, like visual memory or eye to hand coordination, while having fun. Besides reading or listening to the story, your child can also play games with Open Wide Snap. There are 3 puzzles with 2 different difficulty levels, and another game where he has to pair cards without seeing them, just by remembering their place on the board. Both puzzles and pairs use images from the book.

So, next time your child asks you to read him a new story, try Open Wide Snap. It's so fun with all the moving images and games, that there's a good chance he will grow to love it. Plus, it will get even better when he realizes that he has learned to read the story himself.


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Open Wide Snap
Developer: Kid-estorybooks
Category: Books
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: $1.99

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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