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Hide Run Growl Makes Reading More Fun

Posted by Maria Poeana
Hide Run Growl - Kid-estorybooks

Hide Run Growl iPhone App Review.

Deep inside the jungle, there lives a tiger cub, that today must learn how to hunt. His mommy is hurt, so it's his turn to take care of her, protect her, and feed her. But he is so tiny and sweet. What could he possibly be able to hunt? Follow this tiny cub as he is trying to learn how to hunt, and find out just how important it can be to find a friend that you can rely on. Buy Hide Run Growl from the AppStore and watch your kid get mesmerized by this wonderful story.

What is Hide Run Growl

Hide Run Growl is a children's e-book, that helps them learn new words, while reading or listening to the story as it is being read to them. If your child enjoyed Open Wide Snap, then you'll be happy to hear that Hide Run Growl is actually part of the same collection. And being created by the same team of developers makes it as enjoyable and fun as Open Wide Snap. The book is also about the meaning of friendship, and some of the characters in Open Wide Snap are also a part of this story, which makes it even better, since your kid is already familiarized with them. But he also gets to meet new characters that will help him learn new words and more things about the animals living in the jungle.

The book can be read by either you and your child or by the professional children's narrator from the BBC CBeebies Tv Show. The most important thing about these books is that they help your child learn how to read them, without needing any other help. The words of the story are being highlighted as they’re being read out loud. If he gets stuck on a word when reading the story himself, he can discover the correct pronunciation by taping on it. Moving images also play their part in the book. By touching any of these images, your kid finds out the name of the item and how it is pronounced.

Read and play

Another great thing that was present in Open Wide Snap and has been also kept in Hide Run Growl is the Gaming section. These games are so much more than a source of fun and a means to get more familiarized with the characters. They are, mainly, an important part in the learning process. They develop your child's visual memory and hand to eye coordination as he is trying to remember the cards that he has to pair in one game, or the big picture that he has to form out of puzzle pieces in another.

Hide Run Growl is everything that we, as grown-ups, would have been thrilled to own when we were kids. It's got all these lovely characters, the moving images, the rhyming words, any child’s dream. Imagine how much happier your childhood would have been if you could hold a book in your hands and listen as the story is being read to you by a professional, while being able to find out everything about any word or image on that page, with a single tap. It doesn't even matter if your child has read Open Wide Snap before or not. Hide Run Growl is a great way to start or continue learning new words, while enjoying a lovely story.

The app is available as an universal download for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Enjoy!


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Hide Run Growl
Developer: Kid-estorybooks
Category: Books
Version reviewed: 1.2
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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  2. I have tried this application. We can say the best application ever made for the kids. This is the application based on the story of the tiger who decided to help her mom by hunting for dinner. Nice rhyme with the music. Make your child happy with such an application.

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