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King Strikes Back With Papa Pear

Posted by Maria Poeana
Papa Pear Saga - Limited

Papa Pear Saga iPhone Game Review.

I think we all know what Candy Crush is by now. It's been among the top 10 free games in the App Store for at least a couple of months. And it sometimes looks like everybody is playing it. I, for one, can't say I got caught up in this entire Candy Crush mania. But I must admit that at least once a week, I go back to that impossible-to-solve level and give it another try, hoping that it's going to be my lucky day, and I'll finally be able to move to another level. And it looks like King has done it again. Their new game is called Papa Pear Saga. And, incredibly enough, it's just as addictive as Candy Crush.

The creators at King seem to really love playing with sweets. First they got us all hung up on candy, now they mean to get us totally obsessed with sweet fruits and vegetables. And they really know how to recycle a good idea. Because, even if Papa Pear bears some resembles Candy Crush, it's not the sort of annoying similarity that would make the user think the game is just a cheap copy of the previous hit. Papa Pear is actually a great comeback.

Bounce Papa Pear all over the place

With Papa Pear, your job is to aim, release a ball, and bounce it through all sorts of small animated fruits and other boosting items, until it finally lands on one of the buckets at the bottom of the screen. The more the ball bounces from one side of the screen to another, thus hitting as many fruits as possible, the more points you earn. Hit boosting balls on the screen to get even more points. And aim as best as you can with your Papa Pear balls.

As challenging as Candy Crush

Sounds easy, right? Well, so was Candy Crush too the first couple of levels. Then, you had more and more jelly to clear, ingredients to move at the bottom of the screen, a certain number of points to score, and so on. The same stands for Papa Pear. At first, it's really easy to score the number of points you are supposed to in order to advance. Then, it gets harder, as you have to get an even higher score. Then, you have to hit each one of the buckets at the bottom, at least once. Then, you have to get a high score and hit all the buckets, at least once. And so on.

As addictive as Candy Crush

Also, if with Candy Crush, you had a certain number of moves to complete the task, here you have a certain number of Papa Pear balls to aim, release, and bounce around, which varies from one level to another, depending on the task. You also have a number of lives you can waste. Then, you have to wait for your HP to recharge. Or ask your Facebook friends for extra lives. You have a limited number of boosts you can use, until you have to actually buy some more. Instead of lollipops for extra moves, here you have golden bars. And the list of similarities goes on.

A smart sequel, rather than a cheap copy

But, with the risk of repeating myself, I don't consider Papa Pear to be a cheap copy of Candy Crush. Rather than that, I think Papa Pear is a smart sequel. It has the same fun design, some of the same game principles, but the gameplay, the controls, and the story of the game are different. It's good. It's fun. Crazy addictive. Annoyingly challenging. I think Papa Pear is a future hit.


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Papa Pear Saga
Developer: Limited
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.1.2
Price: FREE

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4.5 / 5

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