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QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game In The World - Plain Vanilla Corp

QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game In The World iPhone Game Review.

Do you think you know everything about your favorite movie or TV show, art, books, science or Music? Then what about putting all that knowledge to a test. You can compete against a random player, or challenge your friends to prove to them you're the best. Now, don't start writing questions on pieces of paper or surf the web for trivia games. All you need is QuizUp - your all in one trivia wizard that will put your knowledge about pretty much anything to the test. It's totally addictive and free of charge.

250 Topics

QuizUp: The biggest trivia game in the world, as the creators named it, is really the biggest trivia game in the world. At least, in the App Store world, because QuizUp has questions prepared for you from a whole lot of different topics like Movies, Music, TV shows, Food, Business, Lifestyle, Education, Geography, History, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Every topic with its fun, challenging subtopics

And when I say TV shows, I don't mean just a general topic asking you general stuff about some vaguely familiar TV shows. No, QuizUp is extremely up to date and particular. You get to challenge your friends and test your knowledge concerning today's popular shows like "A Game Of Thrones," "The Big Bang Theory," "Breaking Bad," "How I Met Your Mother" or "South Park." Or all time hits like "Seinfeld," "The Sopranos," "Lost" or "The X-Files" and also more general topics like Sitcoms, Reality Shows, Drama, Crime, Cartoons or Name the TV Show. And the same stands for any other category.

Over 150,000 questions

There are so many different quizzes, it makes your head spin just thinking about them. And so many questions. When you lose, you can choose ask your opponent for a rematch, and of course, you won't be answering the same questions as last time. Plus, the more questions you answer concerning a certain topic, the more XP points you earn for that topic, and your level of knowledge for that topic grows.

As far as the gameplay stands, QuizUp is extremely easy to use. Choose Topics from the Menu and scroll down through all the main topics, or search for a certain topic. Pick the topic you're most interested in, then the subtopic, then start playing the game with another random player, or challenge one of your QuizUp, Facebook, Game Center friends, or even send a request to one of your Phone Contacts to download and start playing this challenge on QuizUp.

Frustrating, but fun, and oh so addictive

And as far as the challenge is concerned, you can either both answer the questions at the same time, or, if one of you is busy at the time, you can take turns. There are 7 rounds, meaning you have to answer 7 questions, each one with 4 answers to choose from. And you don't only have to be right, but you also have to be fast. You have 10 seconds to read and answer every question, and whoever answers the fastest correctly, gets the most points. Plus, on the last round, you get double your usual number of points, so don't consider yourself a winner, until the game is actually done.

I'll be honest with you, if you are a competitive person, you might end up spending an entire night playing QuizUp. It's just so frustrating when you know the answer, and get fewer points than your opponent just because he's faster, or when you're in the lead, but end up losing because you weren't fast enough, or you just didn't know the answer to that last question. It's frustrating, I know. But, oh so addictive. This is QuizUp. Totally fun and frustrating at the same time. Totally brilliant. Not only the biggest, but also the best trivia game I've played so far.


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QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game In The World
Developer: Plain Vanilla Corp
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0.4
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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