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PhotoPieces - infinityK

PhotoPieces iPhone App Review.

Taking pictures is no longer just a means of creating visual memories. We like to share them on social networks and get as many likes as we can from the people who see them. But with so many pictures being posted daily, how can you make your picture stand out in the crowd? The answer may lie with the new PhotoPieces app from the AppStore.

What’s PhotoPieces?

PhotoPieces helps you take fun pictures using templates. You don't remember how long it has been since you last posted a picture on your profile, because all you did in the past months was work, work and work some more? Take a minute off, look around your office and snap a couple of pictures.

PhotoPieces will present you in turn with shapes based on the template you choose. For each shape, just point and shoot. The app takes care of the cropping, and after a couple of more snaps, you’re presented with a ready-to-be-uploaded collage of photos from around the office, carefully arranged on the screen.

When you are satisfied with the final result, save it. I bet your office has never looked funnier.

But with PhotoPieces, there's just one small step from fun pictures to creative ones. Ordinary pictures that are creatively mixed inside the template can produce a more artistic result than anticipated. The more creative you are, the more you can make out of the six templates that the app has to offer. Your imagination is the limit.

When predefined templates are not enough

So you have only six templates, you might think there’s no room for creativity. But wait, you can also create your own template. Select a picture from your photo album or take a new one. This is where it gets a bit tricky. In order to create the actual template, you need to play with the contrast slider at the top of the screen. That slider basically will give you a final template that differentiates (or so you would expect) the basic shapes in the picture, based on the lighting.

It would have been great to be able to draw basic shapes in order to create some templates instead of playing with a contrast level on pictures. In my opinion, the create a template feature needs a serious overhaul. Right now it feels rough and in a beta stage.

Another downside with PhotoPieces is that you can't choose the point when you want to save your result. You firstly have to finish filling out all the shapes inside the template, before you can save the picture. I think that being able to save the collage along the way would lead to a more creative and unique result. Especially when you take pictures using your own template.

Right now, depending on the template you chose, you need to take the exact number of pictures required by the template to finish the collage. Again, more options here would create a better end result.

So next time you feel bored with your old, impersonal pictures, take a minute to try PhotoPieces. I bet that the result will be anything but ordinary. PhotoPieces is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad, as a universal download.


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Developer: inifinityK
Category: Photography
Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Price: FREE

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3 / 5

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