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Bet You’re Gonna Want This App

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Vegas Sports - Inc.

Vegas Sports iPhone App Review.

On a small note, before I start the review, I’m not a gambler, I’ve rarely bet on something in my life. So if you’re anything like me, you’re bound to pass up Vegas Sports without looking back. And that’s ok, because Vegas Sports for the iPhone is aimed at serious sports gamblers. It is primarily an app that wants to instill organization into the gambler’s life.

Stay on top of your bets

Let’s get on thing straight. Vegas Sports doesn’t tell you how to bet, it doesn’t have any sort of list with football matches you can place bets on from the app. Instead, Vegas Sports provides you with a sort of bet-book, where you can save all the bets you place on various games and sports events. All you have to do is tell the app what the game is, how much you’ve bet and then, after the event, see if you’ve won or lost.

Vegas Sports will keep a detailed history of your bets and even provide you with a performance analytics and the current account balance. The performance is calculated as a percentage of wins vs. loses. Your current balance is automatically updated as you tell the app if you won or lost a bet.

An app for the serious gamblers

Vegas Sports presents you with an intuitive interface and the simplest route from registering a bet to editing its outcome. Through a two-part wizard, you can easily register a bet in the app. All you have to do is add the sports event’s details such as date, time and the two teams, then edit the bet you placed down and you’re done.

Of course, the app has a handful of other options that you can edit for each event and bet. The app supports different types of bets, like traditional straight bets, parlays, teasers, over/unders, money lines or draws. Unfortunately, if you’re not a dedicated gambler, you can feel lost, just like I do. Mind you, this has nothing to do with the app itself, but rather a lack of (gambling) knowledge on my part.

Vegas Sports also lets you create 5 different accounts and manage them accordingly. Now that really drives the point home that serious gamblers will feel right at home.

There’s no doubt that gamblers will have their money’s worth with Vegas Sports and its consistent and easy to use system of tracking bets. Occasional gamblers or people who don’t feel the rush will don’t want to take any part in downloading this one though.


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Vegas Sports
Developer:, Inc.
Category: Sports
Version reviewed: 2.1
Price: $2.99

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3.5 / 5

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