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It’s raining men, stick men!

Posted by AppBite Team
Parachute Panic - FDG Mobile Games

Parachute Panic iPhone App Review.

From FDG Entertainment came another creative and addictive iPhone game that is bound to take its rightful place on many users' home screens. Parachute Panic is a simple casual game that's making use of the artistics behind paper-drawn graphics.

The idea behind the game is to use your almighty powers to land as many men that jump from the airplane up above onto the boats down below as possible. These "kamikaze warriors" need to be handled with extra care, as you have to open up their parachute, take care to float in the right direction and keep them from squashing in between helicopter rotors, getting mowed down by UFOs or drowning in the water. It's no easy task mind you, albeit you're gonna have lots of fun watching them drift to safety.

You can destroy helicopters or UFOs by tapping on them continuously until they blow up, but there's nothing much you can do about the lightning clouds that roar in the sky. Why I say roar, because the sounds really make the game worthwhile. Everything from the intro sound to the music you hear when you fail a level, the developers have really outdone themselves by providing a neat soundbox for the game. Don't expect great graphics, but the addictive game play funneled through comedic intro and outro sounds make Parachute Panic a great catch for any iPhone user. The game is available for download in the App Store and is currently on sale for $0.99., so get it before the panic starts!


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Parachute Panic

Developer: FDG Mobile Games
Category: Games
Updated: September 8th, 2010
Price: $1.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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