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ProCamera – Beauty And The Beast

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
ProCamera - Jens Damgen

ProCamera iPhone App Review.

I’ve seen my share of photo apps that make use of the iPhone’s camera. I’ve even been satisfied with some of them so much I’ve used them instead of using the regular Camera app from iOS. Right now, I think all these are ready to be replaced by the new ProCamera iPhone app. It’s all I’ve ever needed in an photography application, and even though I take photos only for fun, I see the tremendous potential it offers to more advanced users. I’d go so far as to say professional photographers.

A bundle of features

ProCamera comes bundled with a whole bunch of features, and even though it’s not the point of this review to go through all of them, I’d like to take a few moments to list some you’re bound to use every time.

Apart from the usual zoom-in, zoom-out, a self-timer or capabilities such as auto save or geo-tagging, ProCamera comes with an enhanced Anti-Shake shutter, full resolution zooming capabilities and an enhanced cross-hair to help you accurately position your photo and the elements within.

The beauty...

My favorite by far is the Anti-Shake shutter. When enabled, this feature will automatically take a photo when your iPhone is steady. If you’re looking for steady photos, without motion blur, then Anti-Shake is a winner. The runner-up is the alignment grid that enables me to visually position the elements within my photo as perfectly as possible.

The app itself is gorgeously designed, the user interface is among the best I’ve seen, with little to no buttons getting in the way of your photo. This is truly the definition of beauty.

…and the beast

ProCamera is not all beauty. The beast under the hood is what makes ProCamera tick. Easy to use professional features, missing from the iOS Camera app and even from some other photo apps I’ve tested so far, help even the most inexperienced users make the best out of their iPhone camera.

Once you’ve taken photos, as a semi-professional user, you’re bound to go to an image manipulation software, such as Photoshop, and enhance or fine-tune your photos. No more!

The Photo Studio contains a set of features that’ll help you create the best photos you’ve ever taken. With Pro Lab, you can fine tune the brightness, the contrast, or apply Black & White and Sepia effects to personalize your images.

With Pro Cut, ProCamera gives you full control over the image. You can rotate images, flip horizontally or vertically, and finally crop it to your heart’s desire.

In fact, the only reason I gave this app a 4.5/5 rating was because it has a steeper learning curve and therefore it might discourage the average iPhone camera user, and some minor glitches for the Pro Studio effects (ie. adjustments are not show in real-time, as you slide the controls, but rather when you let go of the controls, making it a bit harder to fine-tune). Other than that...

iPhone photographers will adore this! ProCamera adds much needed features to the iPhone’s camera turning your iPhone into a full-blown photographer’s dream. Quickly snap photos and edit them on the spot. Send them to friends or post them directly to your Flickr album. What more could you want?


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Developer: Jens Damgen
Category: Photography
Updated: November 3rd, 2012
Price: $2.99

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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