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Cinema-trix iPhone App Review.

When I bought my first camera, I was really excited to see what else it can do besides taking regular pictures. I remember being in awe when finding out I could take black and white, and sepia pictures. And, years later, when I could do the same with my phone camera, it almost seemed too good to be true. Today, not only can you change the color of your pictures, but you can add all sorts of effects using one of the many photo apps available in the AppStore. And Cinema-trix is just this type of app, that makes modifying your pictures so easy, and so fun, that it's almost unbelievable to see just how much technology evolved over the years.

How it works

Cinema-trix offers you a large range of visual effects to add to your pictures and videos. But what makes it even more interesting is that, instead of being able to modify your pictures after taking them, with Cinema-trix, you can apply the effects before taking the picture. Here's how it goes.

Let's say you want to take a picture of the first snow falling. Well, instead of taking the picture and then applying the effects you want (as with Instagram's filters, for example), with Cinema-trix, it's the other way around. Just set your camera and add real time effects on the image you see through the camera lens. You actually see the effects applied in real-time.

Powerful visual effects

Add various colored matrix-like rain patterns. Add a blurring effect to your image. Change the color pattern. Highlight and color frames, words and other objects in your picture. Choose to make the pixels on your image extremely visible or, quite the contrary, almost invisible. Don't be afraid to play with all these effects until you get just the result you are looking for. And when you do, just take your picture, save it, and easily share it with your friends.

And the same rules apply to videos or the photos you already have in your library. The only difference is that, to be able to enjoy these features as well, you'll need to purchase an upgrade for just $0.99.

Best suited for party photos

Now, as far as I am concerned, I'm not absolutely in love with Cinema-trix. I mean, I appreciate that you can add all these effects before taking the shot. And it has a lot of effects that I haven't seen in other similar apps. But I was a bit disappointed to see that Cinema-trix only has these effects, and not also the classic ones that we all got used to. And the effects it offers, although pretty innovative, they are not really my type. Mainly because, no matter what effect you add, you only get one specific type of photo (hint, it's in the app's name).

Simply put, the effects that Cinema-trix offers are great for party photos, but not so much for trips or family memories. So, if you have a party coming up this weekend, you should give Cinema-trix a shot. If not, it's probably better to stick to Instagram.


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Developer: SID On
Category: Photo & Video
Version reviewed: 1.1.2
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3 / 5

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