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Shape Builder shapes young minds

Posted by AppBite Team
Shape Builder - Touch Screen Preschool Games

Shape Builder iPhone App Review.

If you missed out on our reviews of Old MacDonald or Doodle Kids, here's another interesting puzzle game that your toddlers can have fun with. Designed by parents to keep both you and your toddler happy, Shape Builder is the iPhone and iPod Touch app where the challenge is to put shapes of various animals, objects or figures into place.

The game may not be entirely challenging (we haven't tested it on its target demographic, we have to admit), it can prove to be critical in the little ones' development and growth, while giving you, the busy-busy parent, a few minutes of a breather.

Shape Builder is designed for kids aged three to six, with around 146 puzzles for their enjoyment. The puzzles depict figures and objects that are familiar to the toddler, while the alphabet is spelled out by a professional speech therapist. The puzzles each feature their own accompaniment of merry made-up music. Each puzzle is made up of 5 to 10 puzzle pieces, giving your toddler the right amount of a challenge.

The game mode is so simple that there are no options or need thereof. Start the game and you get right to the first puzzle. Finishing each puzzle takes you on to the next. To complete puzzles, slide the pieces from the left side of the screen (outlined in black and white) towards the correct spot on the puzzle itself. Your toddler will play with the alphabet, 20 numbers, listen to over 30 musical instruments, recognize 37 animals, 17 fruits and vegetables plus a whole bunch of other fun items.

With its target demographic in mind, there is no need for any developments you might see in other, more grow-up games. Your toddler doesn't need a leader board, a time-attack game mode or even any kind of score-tracking system for that matter. Shape Builder encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills for your toddler, and the game succeeds admirably at it.

The great mix of puzzle, music and fun artwork seemed to give the developer Darren Murtha the perfect solution for an educational app that quickly got picked as Apple Staff Favorite.

While a lot of apps in the AppStore are indeed aimed at "grown-up children" (yes, those fart apps), I'm glad to see a bunch of these cool educational apps aimed at kids that try to make the most out of the iPhone's technological capabilities. Shape Builder is available for $0.99 in the AppStore, giving you more than your money's worth.


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Shape Builder

Developer: Touch Screen Preschool Games
Category: Education
Released: September 9th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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