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Who Wants To Get a 10?

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
10 Plus Pro - PlayPieGames

10 Plus Pro iPhone Game Review.

Are you looking for a way to help your kid learn how to add numbers faster? Or you're looking for a cross-number puzzle that will get you more addicted than Sudoku? Well, there is a game that's got exactly what you're looking for. It's called 10 Plus Pro and it's waiting for you in the AppStore.

What’s 10 Plus Pro?

10 Plus Pro is a cross-number puzzle that puts a bit more than your first grade mathematical knowledge to the test. The goal is to spot series of numbers that, when added, result in a 10 or a multiple of 10. You've got 140 seconds to complete as many combinations as you can to earn the requested number of points and go to the next level. The more numbers you add to get a 10 or a multiple of 10, the more points you win and the more your time limit increases.

With every level you clear, the numbers on the board get more diversified. If in the first levels, you only have the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 to make the combinations, by level 6, you will also have 5, 6 and 7 on the board. This will make it easier to quickly spot a group of two or three numbers that you can add to get a 10, but this will no longer help you clear the level, since you are using less numbers in your combinations and scoring less points. So, if scoring a 10 made you feel like playing a children's game, you might just change your mind when you'll start adding numbers to get a 20 or more.

But the difficulty increase isn't the only thing that makes 10 Plus Pro a fun game for both children and grown-ups. If you make 2 combinations of 3 or more numbers in less than 3 seconds, you get a doughnut. Collect 5 doughnuts and you get fever. But it's not the type that keeps you indoor, with a runny nose. It's the type that will double your points for every combination you make in the next seconds.

Graphics and sound

And there are still more great things about 10 Plus Pro. The game is made for a kid, with cartoonish graphics and sounds. From the funny background tune to the cat that follows your every move, enjoying when you win doughnuts and crying when you lose, the game will rapidly catch your kid’s eyes.

But we’re not all kids, so what makes it more interesting to you as an adult is that you can play online. So, while your kid learns how to add numbers playing it on his own, you can compete against people from all over the world. 10 Plus Pro doesn’t use Game Center or Open Feint though. It seems to connect you to other players through its own server and system that will charge you coins (which can be purchased via in-app purchases) to join leagues and change your nickname.

What more can a kid ask?

The truth is your kid will be better off playing the game. 10 Plus Pro will develop his math skills, his sense of observation and let’s not forget provide a good deal of fun. I couldn’t personally put an age requirement on this game though, because it’s extremely fast paced, so age won’t matter at all when you’re going against the clock and things - just - don’t - add - up.

But I think the deal is, ask not what 10 Plus Pro can do for your kid, but what it can do for you. And I’d love to see an option to turn off the hints in the game. Every time you’re thinking about a combination and you can feel the myst of concentration in the air, numbers will start to pop up on the screen and get you off your game. The developers call these hints, I call them distractions, and I’d love it if there was an option to turn them off.

All in all, there's only one downside to 10 Plus Pro. You might find yourself fighting over the iPhone with your kid, because it's so addictive, you will both want to play all day long.


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10 Plus Pro
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