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Travel Has A New Name – Skyyer

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Skyyer - Skyyer Mobile

Skyyer iPhone App Review.

While the AppStore certainly doesn't have a shortage of travel apps and travel guides, each application comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It would not be fair to say that it's a matter of preference of one over another, because more often than not you only have that one opportunity to enjoy any one location, so that iPhone app you chose before you left home had better be and do what it says.
Amongst the plethora of such apps, Skyyer is a new entry, but one that promises a travel experience unlike any other.

A truly information-rich application

If there's one thing that Skyyer excels at is the wealth of information it provides. To get started using Skyyer, you don't need any accounts, just download the individual city book for the city of your destination and lo and behold: a wealth of information at your finger tips. Top sights, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, cafes, museums, theaters, everything you ever wanted to know about what's worth knowing in your destination.

The developers managed to organize all this information into a couple of sections that will easily become your guides into the city. Each destination that Skyyer features will alert you of tourist Hot Spots in the area, Best Pick will recommend restaurants or shopping areas close to you, Feature gives you a list of historical monuments in the area. If you need to get around the city, the Transportation section is where you'll find all the info you need (car rentals, public transportation, or airports).

You can also find out the basics of your destination before even going there. Things like its history, language or the currency in use, these should all come in handy once you arrive at your destination.


Once you've figured out what you want to see, it would be good to know which way you're going. In Skyyer, every destination, every hot spot, every attraction comes with its own directions and a map on how to get there.

What's even more impressive is the sheer number of high-definition photos of your destination. With over 400 dynamic destinations, Skyyer puts at your disposal more than 1,000 HD photos. All of this is offline content, so you can download it before leaving home and forget about those data roaming charges.

What type of traveler are you

Something that sets Skyyer apart from the other travel guide apps is its tours section. Depending on the type of traveler that you are, Skyyer will have a pre-determined tour that you can take around the city. Non-stop shoppers will be given information as to where it's best to shop. If you're into culture, then a tour of the historical landmarks and popular museums is for you. There are a bunch of different types of travelers to choose from, so all you have to do is tell Skyyer what's your interest, and it'll do the rest.

If there's one thing that a book cannot do is let you read what others have liked about the location. And this social element is where Skyyer will need some improvement. Skyyer does feature a "Comment" section where users can post their own comments on each hot spot, but it will take time and effort to combine a valuable information resource with a bigger user-base.

Right now, you can get Skyyer free and download the Chiang Mai (Thailand) city book for free. Other books are also available in a lite version for free to view, before committing to an In-App Purchase of the full version of the book. I recommend you make sure you're on a WiFi network when downloading a book, as you're looking at around 150-200 MB of data.


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Developer: Skyyer Mobile
Category: Travel
Released: December 4th, 2010
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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