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Species On The Edge - HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Species On The Edge iPhone App Review.

Have you ever heard about the African Wild Dog or the Banteng? They are just 2 of the 365 species threatened with extinction in the world. And now, you can find out all about these species and what can be done to prevent their extinction. Just download Species On The Edge from the AppStore and get all the information you need to know about these species and their role in our ecosystem.

What Is Species On The Edge

Species On The Edge is a reference app that tells you everything you didn't know about 365 threatened species in the world. Select one of the species that you're interested in, and read all about it. The information is condensed in only a couple of paragraphs that tell you all there is to know about the location, remaining population, importance and what can be one to save it.

With Species On The Edge, finding a certain species and reading about it is as simple as it gets. You can search for the species through the entire list, where they are ordered alphabetically, according to their English name or the scientific one. Or, better yet, you can search the species that you are interested in. Want to read just about the endangered animals or just about the coniferous species? Tap on the Taxonomy Menu and choose the Kingdom you want to read about. From then on, you might need to put your biology knowledge to the test, because all the classes, orders and families appear with their scientific names.

Information: Organized

And that's not all. The species are also arranged according to their threat category. Find out what species are extinct in the wild or endangered by looking them up in the Threat Category Menu. When the story of a certain species catches your eye, add it to favorites. If you want your friends to know all about a certain species, just share the information on Twitter, Facebook or email. It only takes one second and a single tap on the Share icon to let your friends find out all about an endangered species.

As for the actual information that Species On The Edge provides, besides the short paragraphs that make it easy to read and understand, you can also see photos of these species, and maps, where you are shown their current location. And if you want to find out even more concerning this matter, there is a Help and Information Menu that tells you all about the importance of species, the history of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list, and the people who created this app.

Both the iPhone and the iPad app are also beautifully designed and really functional. It’s the type of design that doesn’t get in the way of the app’s functionality, which is a big plus for a reference app with the wealth of information it provides.

Species On The Edge is an extremely educational app that helps you find out more about the species surrounding us and what can be done to protect them. And all this information is just one download away. The app will fit both your iPhone and your iPad, in one download.


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species on the edge

Species On The Edge
Developer: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Category: Reference
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $2.99

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5 / 5

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