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Can You Stop Those Fish?

Posted by Maria Poeana
Stop Those Fish - Eye Interactive

Stop Those Fish iPad Game Review.

Imagine yourself peacefully sailing on your boat, enjoying the silence and the wind blowing in your hair. When, suddenly, your boat starts rocking. It looks like some angry fish are here to pay you back for crossing their territory. Guess the only thing that's left for you to do is stop those fish. So, grab Stop Those Fish from the AppStore and let the battle begin!

How can you stop those fish

Stop Those Fish is an addictive game, where you have to fight against cruel fish, whose only purpose is to crack your boat and let you drown. To complete this task, you have to control three boats, each one carrying a bear, who's got some ammo prepared to destroy the killer fish. The only problem is that you don't have an unlimited stash of ammo. So, the best thing is to kill as many fish as you can, using the minimum of your resources, while trying to collect enough coins to upgrade your ammo and boats, once the level is cleared. How's that for a challenge?

With Stop Those Fish, you'll know straight from the start that you made a good choice when purchasing this game. Starting with the great graphics and animations, and continuing with the extremely intuitive game play, Stop Those Fish is flawless, when it comes to design. There are four modes to play: one is up for grabs once you start the game, the next two can be unlocked by completing a certain number of levels in the previous modes, while the last is especially designed for P4RC members. And with each mode being made up of multiple scenes and various types of fish that increase the difficulty of each level, you'll already be hooked after the first five or six levels.

Put your thinking cap on

Once you start playing, all you have to do is pay attention to the fish that pop out on the screen and their trajectory, so that you know where to drop your ammo and which boat to protect. For a more efficient use of your ammo, you can destroy entire groups of fish with a single bomb and you can also aim at the birds flying above your head. This will increase the number of coins that you earn, but there's always the risk that focusing on birds or waiting for larger groups of fish to form, you'll end up sunk by a single shark or piranha. So, a little strategic thinking can be useful, when playing Stop Those Fish.

The only thing that Stop Those Fish is missing is the option of upgrading your boat or ammo during gameplay. It's true that as you get closer to the end of the level, you earn more coins by destroying more fish, so you get to buy more ammo and make more upgrades on your boats after clearing the level. But being able to upgrade while playing would make the game a little bit easier and would prevent starting a certain level over and over again, because you didn't have enough coins to make a proper upgrade at the beginning.

However, the upgrading issue doesn't make the game less fun or addictive. At the end of the day, Stop Those Fish is one of those games that looks like it's got all the right ingredients to be a hit. So, if you think you're up for the challenge, you know what to do. Stop Those Fish is only one app purchase away.


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Stop Those Fish
Developer: Eye Interactive
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4.5 / 5

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