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Youtube Kids iPhone App Review.

I always say that when I’ll have a kid, TV will be more of a one-hour, recreational thing, than a full-time occupation. And watching my sister grow-up with all sorts of shows that I never really though were quite age-appropriate has only made my decision stronger. So, it’s really nice when you come across an app that instantly solves the inappropriate content problem that you, as a parent, probably worry about all day. This is YouTube Kids. And I must admit that, even I, as a grown-up, had quite a lot of fun exploring it.

What is YouTube Kids

The creators of YouTube Kids have searched, and prepared a large collection of age-appropriate videos for your child to enjoy, while you can take comfort in knowing exactly what your child is watching. Shows, Music, Learning, and an Explore Menu. That’s what YouTube Kids has to offer. Each Menu, with dozens of interesting Channels, each one containing a pretty complex list of videos for your kid to watch.

Watch shows, and fun music videos

From the already legendary Sesame Street shows, Peppa the Pig, My Little Pony, or Thomas the Train to all sorts of cool Dream Works creations, your child would need an entire day, of non-stop watching, to go through all the videos YouTube Kids has to offer. And these are only the Shows. In addition, your child can listen to fun, educational tunes on a large variety of channels like Little Baby Bum, Kids Tv 123, Lullaby World, or Baby Mozart. Listen to the already legendary Frozen songs. Or to the most popular songs of Barney. Fun, fun, fun. All day long.

Learn, and explore

But, since YouTube Kids is an educational app, besides featuring age-appropriate shows, and music videos, it’s also focused on learning and exploring. From Science to Art, from Counting to Writing, YouTube Kids offers over 30 Learning Channels, each one more interesting, and captivating than the other. Plus, your kid can also enjoy the Explore Menu, aimed at training his creativity to the fullest, and entertaining him with all sorts of cool, mind-boggling videos.

YouTube Kids supervises what your kid is watching...

All this under your supervision, even when you’re not there to literally supervise. Because with YouTube Kids, you can set the period of time your child is allowed to play with the app, until it is automatically blocked. Plus, although the creators of YouTube Kids assure all parents that the possible search results are totally safe to watch, you can also decide whether to block, or allow the Search option.

...even when you're not there to supervise

As far as I’m concerned, YouTube Kids lacks only one option, that I would have liked to have. And that is being able to create a personalized Menu, or Folder, containing the videos, and Channels I find most interesting, and helpful for my child. This would offer the parent the possibility to optimatize the content of the app, so that it is perfectly suited for the child’s needs, and preferences. And to find exactly what they are looking for, when they are looking for it.

Other than that, I find YouTube Kids to be a wonderful app for kids to grow up with. It’s fun, educational, relaxing, age appropriate. And totally free of charge to download, and enjoy.


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Youtube Kids
Developer: Google, Inc.
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: Free

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4 / 5

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