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Put your hands up with bChamp

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bChamp iPhone App Review.

Following TechCrunch's presentation for bChamp, the iPhone App that does all the beatboxing your voice can't handle, one of our testers quickly purchased the app, and he couldn't have been more happier with the result. He's an 8 Mile fan, and wouldn't you believe it, he has no talent at beatboxing, but the bChamp app for the iPhone and iPod Touch made him one dope rapper.

The Dutch development team at Monodomo came up with a nice idea for an app that is able to recognize specific sounds you make with your voice and amplify them to create powerful beats. The app is able to recognize three specific sounds anyone can make with their voice. Saying "k" as in "cabbage" into the mic will result into a snare-like sound coming out of the iPhone. "B" as in "bogus" gives a kickdrum, while the Hit-Hat is obtained by saying "t" with your teeth closed.

The app also lets you adjust the pitch of the beats by moving your finger along the iPhone's screen. It almost looks like your playing the trumpet, but purely drum-like sounds come out of the iPhone. You can attach an amp, your headphones or simply let it play by itself, with no speakers attached.

The app goes for $0.99 in the AppStore, which anyone can afford, and you don't have to sell any records to make it in the beatboxing department with bChamp.

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