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Easy Walk and Type App Review.

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If the iPhone can't multitask, that doesn't mean you can't either. Back in the older days, I was always in the habit of texting while walking on the street. My Nokia 6300 was pretty reliable and one hand was enough to be able to type out correctly what I wanted. Upgrading to the iPhone meant getting rid of this habit of walking and typing on my phone. For once, you can't do it with one hand. And then, you need to pay 100% attention to the screen and the virtual keys. For me, it was simply impossible.

Perhaps two years too late, but with great pleasure I can say that typing and walking is back in the books for me, thanks to Easy Walk & Type. This little gimmick for the iPhone will keep you and your iPhone out of harms way while allowing you to see where you're going and type your SMS at the same time.

The iPhone's Camera Becomes Your Third Eye

The mechanics behind this iPhone application are simple. Whenever you find yourself in a rush and want to catch up on some writing while you're walking home, start up Easy Walk & Type first. This will activate the iPhone's camera and you'll be able to see the view in front of you as you hold the device up. Next start typing the message and Easy Walk & Type will overlay the text on top of the background. The text remains crisp and clear, while not deluding the background either, so you always know what's coming before it hits you.

You can email, write notes, text-message and even use the 3.0 features like cut, copy, paste, without leaving the comfort of the full-view screen. Copy pasting also works into apps like Tweetie or Facebook, so you can connect with your friends even on the move. Once you're done with writing the message, hit the "Actions" button and copy the whole message.

Time to take a breather, stop for a second while you quit Easy Walk & Type and access the app you want, be it SMS, Mail, Notes or Tweetie and Facebook. The text you've been writing is in your clipboard, so simply paste it as you would any other text clipping. That's it!

What you should note firsthand is that Easy Walk & Type was designed to work with your iPhone apps and not replace them. I guess the app's main advantage is that you won't be bumping into people anymore if you walk and type. And although I don't personally commend or condemn this habit, I certainly don't recommend it while driving, no matter how tempting that might be.


Easy Walk and Type

Developer: Surpax Technology Inc.
Category: Utilities
Released: December 18, 2009
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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  1. rodrigue says:

    I installed it but only i can mail with it.
    how can i use it for sms also?

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