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MyGirl iPhone App Review.

First off, let me note I'm a girl and the last thing I want to see on my or my boyfriend's iPhone is a virtual girlfriend. That being said it took a bit of patience for me to get over the fact that MyGirl is basically one hot chick that you can play with and that will actually respond to your actions. But I'm glad I did, because in a "weird" way, the app gives you some neat functionalities.

Meet MyGirl

Now that all prejudice is out of play, I can tell you that I've enjoyed interacting with one of the truly hottest girls in the AppStore. MyGirl features a sexy top-model you can interact with in many different ways. In a sense, MyGirl does act like your virtual girlfriend and really behaves like one (except I've never seen her upset if you don't give her attention every day).

Once you start up the application, you're presented with the girl wearing some sexy outfit. From there on there are three types of interactions possible: physical interaction, presents and feeding her. Perhaps the first thing you'd want to do is interact with her physically. You can massage her, tickle her, dress and undress her, or shake the iPhone and blow in the microphone to see how she responds to the cold wind. Every action you take on her will create a reaction on her part. If she likes the massage, she'll blow you a kiss at the end. But if you touch her, well, private parts, she'll slap you (call it a friendly slap, if you will).

You can also offer her presents like a necklace or a perfume, and watch her reach out to your present and actually take it from your hand. The level of interactivity is astounding. The girl will detect where your hand will reach out and grab the present from your hand. She'll then use it and give you a little kiss.

Feeding her is also an option, and you can choose between giving her a lollipop, bubble gum or coffee. Every action will result in a reaction from her, so for example giving her coffee will make her want to dance. Try different settings and different combinations and chances are you're in for a different treat almost every time.

Beneath MyGirl's Hood

MyGirl is one of the first of its kind. It presents interactive video capabilities in real time. The girl will react to your gestures and touches in video, not just image-sequence. I have seen similar apps but none that have taken it to this level of interactivity.

This was possible with their proprietary iCore264™ engine that offers the perfect solution for the lack of Flash capabilities on the iPhone, they announced in their press release. The app apparently has dozens of filmed scenes where the sexy top-model wears different clothing. And that's true, mind you! Almost every time you open the app, MyGirl will have a different outfit (all sexy of course). This brings me to an important point. The level of development for the app, from creating a new proprietary technology to all the over 40 scenes filmed, is astounding, and I am honestly surprised the app sells for only $0.99. Add to the mix support for nearly 10 languages and you've got your hands full.

So did Apple, according to the same press release, who apparently took more than the usual 10 days to examine the app and approve it for sale in the AppStore. According to the developers, MyGirl was submitted to the AppStore in August of '09 and it wasn't until the beginning of December that MyGirl was available for purchase.

Necessary Improvements

Some will wonder where the "Spank" button is. Mind you, MyGirl is not the 18+ kind of app, even though it is clearly not directed at your youngsters. You're not going to be able to "do stuff to her." Come on, get a real girlfriend for this.

What I do think that this app is missing is some kind of goal. Sure enough, sexy top-model + great interactivity (including undressing her) = every boy's (or man's) dream. But to lure us girls in, you would need to give the app a more defined purpose than "Look at the hot chick on my screen dude!" I'm also all about sharing, so I'm missing a viral functionality here.

The developers brag that this is clearly the hottest girl in the AppStore. See for yourself! I have a promo code ready for you, so drop me a line beneath in the comments section and I'll email it to you.


MyGirl - Video Girl

Developer: iPhSoft & LookAndFeel
Category: Entertainment
Released: December 8th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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