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Record Audio Reminders with EZBuzz

Posted by Maria Poeana
EZBuzz - Practical Logix Inc

EZBuzz iPhone App Review.

We all use reminders. Whether we write things down on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge, or use our phone's calendar or a special app, our busy schedule makes us need reminders, because our memory is already too flooded with information. And for those of you who haven't yet found the right app to help you remind what you need, EZBuzz can be the right fit for you.

Record your reminders

EZBuzz is the app that makes adding reminders simpler. The trick is that instead of writing down what you need to remember, you can record it. Just choose the day and the hour when you want EZBuzz to remind you something, double tap on the screen and record yourself telling EZBuzz what to remind you. Save it and go back to work. When the time comes, EZBuzz will be sure to buzz you with your set reminder.

But although audio recording your reminders is EZBuzz's main function, it's not the only one. You are not forced to add an audio recording of your reminder. You can choose to just write a note, add a picture or use all these functions to get both a visual and an audio representation. This will make it easier for you to remind yourself what you wanted to say when you added the reminder.

EZBuzz also provides you with a special way of adding your reminders. You can choose the day from a calendar and the hour for your reminder from a list, or, better yet, you can slide from day to day with a single tap and add your reminder with a double tap on the screen.

The app uses a graphical representation of the hours. And, with a double tap on the desired hour on the graphic, a colored bullet pops out on the screen, representing your reminder. The color of the bullet will be determined by the importance of the reminder, that you can set after recording. With just one look at the calendar, you can see how many reminders there are on today's list and also, how important they are.

A tough market

But I must admit that I was expecting more from EZBuzz. When the moment comes for EZBuzz to remind you of something, it uses a plain and boring alarm sound, that most similar apps use. I, for one, was expecting the app to remind me what to do by automatically playing my recording at the requested time. But what disappointed me more is that even after you access the reminder, it doesn't automatically play your recording. And if you choose to also add a note and a picture, nothing special happens. You still have to manually tap on the picture or note to see them, just as you do with the recording.

Don't get me wrong, the app is really nice. But when the AppStore is full of similar apps, I couldn't help but expect a little bit more than just a classic alarm sound that takes me to a page where I have to do all the work to see or hear my reminder. I think it would be better if, when reaching the reminder page, the chosen photo for the reminder would automatically pop out on the screen, along with the note pinned at one corner and the recording playing in the background.

With iOS5’s Reminder app, the market for reminder apps just got more crowded and I must say that the native Apple app packs quite a punch and it will take more out of EZBuzz to get a piece of that pie.

All in all, EZBuzz is a nice app, but that's about it. It's not as great as to make you pay to have it. And it's not free, while there are way better apps that you can have without paying a cent for them. However, truth be told, it's not as expensive that you can't try it out.


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Developer: Practical Logix Inc
Category: Productivity
Version reviewed: 2.0.2
Price: $0.99

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3 / 5

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