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All of you lovers out there, prepare yourselves: Valentine's Day is coming. And if you haven't prepared anything yet for this special occasion, there's no need to worry. Because the App Store has everything you need to make the most out of this day. Just a couple of apps, and you're all set, no matter what your plans are for the day.

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Ask your special someone to be your Valentine

First of all, if your special someone doesn't yet know your true feelings, what better time to tell him or her than on Valentine's Day? And what better way to do it than with a personalized card. And Build-a-Card: Cupid Edition HD is here to help. Just pick a photo and personalize it any way you want to: edit your picture, add your favorite design from the list, and apply all type of other cool emoticons. When you're satisfied with the design, all that's left for you to do is write your love message and share it with your special someone on E-mail, Facebook or Twitter. And then you wait...

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Get a gift

Once you get the answer you've been waiting for, it's time for a little gift shopping. But since, by now, you probably have a lot of other things to plan, forget about going to some shopping mall, and download Amazon Mobile instead. Looking for a movie, a book, a game, a gadget or maybe some piece of clothing? No matter what you have in mind, with Amazon Mobile you can go to any shop you want, and purchase what you need, without even having to leave the comfort of your home.

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Cook the perfect dinner

Next step: plan the perfect evening. And now, depending on your cooking skills, you can choose to have your special evening at home, or at a restaurant. Whatever you choose, there's an app to help you. For instance, if you choose to make it on your own, and show your special someone your culinary skills, give The Spoon/Love Volume a try. It might not be the most complex cookbook out there, but it's perfect for the occasion. With this special Valentine's edition of The Spoon, you can choose from up to 8 delicious, beautifully looking recipes to make your own Love Menu. And I bet your special someone will be more than impressed.

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Or pick the perfect restaurant

However, if you don't have the time or the skills for cooking, going to a restaurant is always an option. And, with Lunchbox, you can be sure you make the best choice. Designed as a Pinterest for restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping sites, Lunchbox is all you need when you're looking to go out. Check out all sorts of places near you, and make sure you pick the perfect place by reading the integrated Yelp and Foursquare comments and tips. When you're all done, just make a call and book your table. It's as easy as that.

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Choose a fun game to smooth things up

Now, everything is pretty much planned, but there's still one more thing to do. Whether you stay at home, or you come back home at some point, you need something to crack that awkward post-dinner tension. And Fingle is just the game to do it. Imagine Twister, where, instead of your feet and hands, you only use your fingers, and that's Fingle. A pretty silly game, indeed, but the perfect option for this night. A couple of laughs, your fingers touch as you try to follow the crazy rules of Fingle, and there you go: your special Valentine's Day couldn't get any more magical. And it only took 5 apps, a bit of creativity, and a bit of luck, of course.

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Happy Valentines!

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