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Put On A Happy Birthday Show Today

Posted by Maria Poeana
Happy Birthday Show - GenialApps

Happy Birthday Show iPhone App Review.

What better way to say Happy Birthday than through a song? And not any song, but a personalized one. I know we don't all have the means, instruments or voices to perform a Happy Birthday song, but luckily there's an app that can help you. This is Happy Birthday Show, and you can download it today from the AppStore.

How it works

Happy Birthday Show is an extremely easy to use app that personalizes the classic Happy Birthday song with the name and message. Just add the birthday boy or birthday girl's name, your name, write your message or leave the message suggested by the app, and you're good to go. How easy is that?

Easily share your personalized song

Once you're done with all this, you can listen to the personalized song, and share it with your friend in all kinds of ways. You can share it as a virtual postcard on E-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Or, if you share your device with the friend you're sending the song to, you can program the song to start playing on that device at a certain time. And even mask it through a fake call, that you can also program to happen any time you like.


However, Happy Birthday Show also has its pitfalls. For instance, the free version of the app only allows you to send one birthday song to a single friend. The full version that gives you access to everything costs $1.99, as an in-app purchase. Also, if your friend doesn't have a pretty common name, there's a good chance the app won't be able to generate a song, since the name doesn't appear in the database. Plus, even if the Fake Call idea is really great, what if I don't share the device with my friend, and he doesn't even have access to it? Being able to receive the call on their device would definitely be a plus.

At the end of the day, Happy Birthday Show gives me the impression of a promising project, rather than a completed app. I mean, there are some pretty cool ideas here, but they don't seem to be developed enough to make Happy Birthday Show make me go wow! However, there is potential. And with a bit of work, Happy Birthday Show can become a pretty great app.


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Happy Birthday Show
Developer: GenialApps
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 2.0
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3 / 5

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