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Crack up in laughter with iCrack

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
iCrack - Allapps

iCrack iPhone App Review.

The first rule when buying a touch screen device is: don't crack it. Because once you did, there's not much you can still do with it. But doesn't something get more attractive when it's forbidden? No, we're not implying that you should smash your phone on the walls. Well, at least not literally. With iCrack you can bend the rules, without actually breaking your phone.

The one-feature wonder

iCrack's only feature is simulating the cracking of your iPhone's screen. How you use this, it's up to you. For those of you who like playing tricks on your friends, iCrack is a source of fun that is limited only by the number of friends you have. All you have to do is set the app to crack your screen at a single tap, and hand it over to your friend. As soon as he touches the screen, you will hear a crack and that's when the fun can begin.

But touching the screen isn't the only thing that can make it crack. Sounds also do the trick. Imagine going to a friend's rehearsal and hearing your phone crack when he starts playing the electric guitar. And if you are known for being a prankster, iCrack has a solution for making you friends believe yet another one of your pranks. Set the app to delay the cracking, hand over the phone to one of your friends and just mind your own business. Depending on your settings, it will take your screen a maximum of 60 seconds to crack, after the first touch, shake or shout.

Make your pranks believable by setting a background image

And you can make it even more believable. Use any picture you like as background and even the most suspicious person will believe that he actually cracked your screen. Especially if you customize the image so that it would perfectly resemble your home screen.

But being able to change the background image can also help you unwind after a horrible day at work. Set a picture of your boss as background image and start cracking his face. Shout at him, punch his face, do what you gotta do to hear that tension relieving crack. Why use actual violence when you have iCrack to simulate it for you? You get to keep your job, your boss gets to keep his face and everybody is safe.

Still so much more iCrack could be

However, without your imagination at work, iCrack just makes your screen look cracked. And even that can be done only once. One tap, one crack and then you have to restart the app or access the settings button. iCrack is great as long as you have a lot of friends to trick and just tapping or shouting once at the screen when you are angry does the trick for you. But what is there left to do with iCrack afterwords?

iCrack can be a one crack wonder, but it has the potential to be more. If it would include other options like being able to crack an image more than once or an arcade gaming mode, where you have to crack images as they appear, then it would be more than meets the eye. In the meantime, it's still a fun app that will guarantee a day of laughter with your friends, at the cost of a single crack.


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Developer: AllApps
Category: Utilities
Version reviewed: 1.20
Price: $0.99

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2 / 5

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