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iPolygon Makes Geometry Fun

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
iPolygon - InfinityK games

iPolygon iPhone Game Review.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word polygon? To most of us, it is geometry, maths or even the Pentagon. Well, that's about to change. Because after playing iPolygon, the first thing that will come to your mind, when hearing this word, will be fun.

With iPolygon, your goal is to break the sides of a polygon using a bouncing ball. In order to complete the task, you only have to follow two simple rules. The ball must always stay inside the polygon. And you need to collect the red dots in order to break sides of the polygon. Ready? Then, just tap the ball and let the fun begin.

Pong with a twist

Remember the classical Pong? The principle is the same with iPolygon. You don't control the ball by touching it, but by rotating the polygon so that it constantly hits the ball. The interesting thing with iPolygon is that the more sides you break, the more you risk your ball falling out of the polygon, but the closer you get to the victory.

The first level will put you inside a square (a four-sided polygon) and with each new level another side is added to the polygon. The more sides the polygon has, the more you’ll have to keep the ball inside it, while at the same time, the sides will get that much smaller and it will be a real pain to break the tenth side of an 11-sided polygon, when they’re no bigger than your bouncing ball.

The gyroscope is a wonderful addition to the controls

Still don’t think it’s a challenge! Then I dare you to try controlling the polygon with the gyroscope. Rotate the device to rotate the polygon. It takes extreme finesse to position that last remaining side of the polygon exactly where your ball will hit.

As for the sound and design, they are simple and yet effective. The black colored background highlights the diversely colored polygons and there's no annoying background tune to prevent you from keeping focused. Only the sound of the ball hitting the sides.

So, next time you have a few minutes to spare, see for yourself how fun and addictive polygons can get. And if you hated geometry and quit resolving those maths problems in a matter of minutes, with iPolygon, the more games you lose, the more you'll want to play to get the highest score.


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Developer: InfinityK Games
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 2.0.0
Price: FREE

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4 / 5

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