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Screen Cleaner - Jared Judd

Screen Cleaner iPhone App Review.

Her name is Lola, she cleans your iPhone or iPod Touch screen, and if you saw her somewhere on the street it would break even the manliest men amongst you. Jared Judd's app Screen Cleaner provides you with the most entertaining, fun and oh-so-cute way to clean your device screen. The free version offers you just three dogs, while the benefits of going Pro will get you eight cuties to choose from.

The app employs eight cute dogs of eight different breeds to lick your screen clean. Choose between an English Bull Dog named Meatloaf, a Basset Hound named LambChop, a Miniature Schnauser going by the name of Streusel, Biscuit, the Chinese Hairless Crested, the crowd favorite Lola, a Maltese, a Lasso Apso named Izzy, Kissy, the Chihuahua Greyhound or Gia, the Italian Greyhound.

Skeptics will definitely hate this one, as the app doesn't clean your screen. Go figure! It is perhaps the stupidest thing you could assume about an app you download. That it will clean up the mess you leave with greasy fingers and sweat on your iPhone or iPod Touch screen.

Of course, the app does not clean your screen per-se, so downloading the free version or going Pro will not wipe those fingerprints clean from the screen, but it will surely put a smile on your face, and if you're not going "Aww!" than at least you're thinking it. This is one iPhone app that is sure to amuse dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike.


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Screen Cleaner

Developer: Jared Judd
Category: Utilities
Updated: October 7th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

2 / 5

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