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Jeju Olle Guide

Jeju Olle iPad App Review.

Jeju is a small island off the southern coast of Korea (goggle map), the Olle referred to in the title is a series of walking tracks along the south cost of the island.  The Jeju Olle guide is a pictorial representation of the sights you can see on the way down the coast, from rugged sea shores to open plains with horses.

Having recently booked my honeymoon this app is exactly the type of "High Gloss" guide I was looking for with my destination.  As walk-in travel agencies have declined so have the high production value brochures you could pick up at such a store.  Now they're back with this travel guide and I hope it will serve as a template for other destination on how to promote themselves.

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The navigation takes a moment to get used to, the slides are set in columns, you go across to Part 1 - then up & down to see the various photos, there is a little navigation icon in the top right.

The guide covers the area in 9 sections

  • Sihong to Gwangchigi
  • Gwangchigi to Onpyung
  • Onpyung to Pyosun
  • Pyosun to Namwon
  • Namwon to Soisokak
  • Soisokak to Oidolgae
  • Oidolgae to Wolpyung
  • Oidolgae - Soccer/Football Worldcup Stadium
  • Wolpyung to Daepyung

The guide is presented in English, Japanese and Chinese.

If you are thinking of a trip to South Korea this guide is definitely worth downloading and taking a look, it's also Free!


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  • Jeju Olle iPad App screenshot

Jeju Olle

Developer: airr interactive & Colortive
Category: Lifestyle
Released: Mar 08, 2011
Price: Free

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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