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50% off the subscriptions on Black Friday and the following weekend.

Okenko Books is an ad free, children (4-8yo) picture books subscription service which gives you access to all illustrated stories Okenko Books publish. Every two weeks a new book is delivered directly to your phone/device.
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Okenko Books Reader comes with one free story called “Lindy Lee Loves Pink”. Additional titles by Okenko Books include a rhyming story titled “David Drew Likes Blue” , hilarious book called “Sip’n’Cup Go for Vacation”, “Andie Plays Pretend” and “Mike Rides His Bike to School” about kids’ everyday adventures and more coming.

New stories are available through the Okenko Books subscription service at, which is based on micro-payments through PayPal. For your convenience, there are several payment options - with our introductory offer they are $2 a month, $5.50 per three months, $10 every six months, or $18 per year.Cover page for David Drew Likes Blue

With a subscription, a new children’s book is downloaded to your device every two weeks. A subscription can have up to five devices registered, and the stories stay in the Okenko Books app so you can access them offline and even after the subscription ends.

Our aim is to provide children and parents with quality books that entertain, teach and inspire, and we strive to remain true to the book medium, even as that medium is transferred to a high-tech gadget like the iPhone or iPad.

Okenko Books Reader - Okenko Books

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