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Race Shrek In The Tale Of Tales

Posted by AppBite Team
Shrek Kart - Gameloft

Shrek Kart iPhone App Review.

Who here didn't love Shrek and laughed their hearts out with an ever-annoying Donkey? Who here didn't think so highly of Lord Farquaad? We all watched the trilogy craving for more. Then came the game for PC. Played it, enjoyed it. Then came the iPhone, and now, with Gameloft's contribution to the App Store, comes Shrek Kart so that we as iPhone and iPod Touch users can enjoy a good round of laughs and excitement on our devices.

Granted, it's a bit awkward to have the magic in Shrek be transposed in a simple kart racer. You would most definitely expect the game to rely on the movie's and the characters' already sky-high popularity to gain momentum and sustainability over time. And you wouldn't be really far from the truth.

Comparing Shrek Kart to a true kart racer ( Krazy Kart Racer for example) would be pointless. We're not looking a incredible game play, exciting twists nor a competitive race. But with Shrek Kart you can see your favorite characters again on screen. And there are plenty to see. You'll be taken back to Shrek, Donkey, the Ogre Triplets, Fiona, the Gingerbread Man, and even The Ghost of Lord Farquaad. All these characters are playable in game, so seeing and hearing Donkey again is surely a delight.

Of course, you'd have to unlock all the levels to play as any of these characters, but the fun can never stop after that. You get access to all ten competitors on the 15 different tracks. Gameloft took care that each character be assigned their own kart with access to personalized power-ups to be harvested from the track.

The game lets you choose from any individual track, race in a tournament, complete specific "Challenges" (which are way fun, I must say), or battle it out in the Arena. The various gaming modes give Shrek Kart a high replay value, if not for the graphics which are pretty incredible, utilizing a lot of the iPhone's capabilities. We've seen similar games eat up resources (see Worms from Team17) but few managed to justify their high consumption. Well, you definitely won't be disappointed with the way environments are rendered and designed within Shrek Kart. Graphics play a huge part of the game.

You can choose to race any individual track, compete in a tournament, battle it out in the “Arena,” iPhone App Review - Shrek Kart 3or complete “Challenges.” The game itself has tons of replay value because of all these modes of play. The races and challenges all use the same 12 tracks and then there are 3 different arenas for “Arena” mode.

Even if the game is clearly not dedicated to hardcore racers, Shrek Kart will still give you chills in controlling the auto-acceleration and mastering some nice drifts around the tracks. Steering is controlled by either tilt or tap, with your kart auto-accelerating. As with other kart racers, you can make your kart jump, either over obstacles or to avoid attacks from your opponents. Timing is key, as is with the drifts around corners.

Gameloft doesn't disappoint at all with graphics and storyline. It's clear a lot of work went into this game. A very polished and stylish game style make the game worth every one of the 499 cents you're paying. Oh, did I mention the game supports multiplayer mode over WiFi or Bluetooth? You don't need to be a hardcore motorhead to enjoy this great title with your non-motorhead friends.

So go ahead, challenge your friends and tell us who won?


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Shrek Kart

Developer: Gameloft
Category: Games
Released: October 12th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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