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Sleepmaker iPhone AppzzzZZZzzz

Posted by AppBite Team
Sleepmaker - SoftwareX

Sleepmaker iPhone App Review.

Sleepmaker is the iPhone and iPod Touch application from SoftwareX that is supposed to replace that dead-silence from your room at night with pleasant sounds of rain, storm, waves and even wildlife, giving you that well-deserved good-night's sleep.

First off, the app comes in 5 variations: Sleepmaker Rain, Storms, Waves, Streams and Wildlife, in either a PRO, Classic or Free version, each offering you different options and more tracks to listen too. Basically they are all the same, it's just up to you to decide which ambient sounds will most likely take you to dream land faster.

What is really enticing about Sleepmaker apps is that these are full tracks you're listening too. There are no sounds effects of raining falling, or the occasional car horn, or a dog barking in the storm. These are real original recordings of rain falling down on the street, waves hitting the rocks or a full blown storm. And this is what makes the apps unique and give it an edge over their competitors.

With a simple to use interface, all the Sleepmaker apps come with options such as fading tracks at the last minute, set a timer for the app to run, or running the app in the background to save battery life. These, together with beautifully set graphics make Sleepmaker apps a real bargain for those nights when a good sleep is a must.

What we would like to see however from SoftwareX is an iPhone app that can unite all of them, kind of like a Sleepmaker AIO, that would let you alternate between rain, waves or storm, and program them to fade one after another. I believe it would be an interesting addition to anyone's iPhone or iPod Touch. Most certainly my own.


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Developer: SoftwareX
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Updated: December 3rd, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

2.5 / 5

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  2. James Sugrue says:

    Hello, I’m one of the developers who works on the Sleepmaker series. I’d like to say thank you for the review, and also to note that there is a combined Sleepmaker in the works. It should be out within a month and will include all the sounds from the 5 apps and some new ones too!

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