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Lost it - FitNow

Lose It iPhone App Review.

The team of developers from FitNow took into account the not-so-exciting activity of counting calories to lose weight and created an iPhone and iPod Touch app to take all the hard work out of it and let you stay on top of everything related to weight loss, from the food you eat to the exercises you do every day.

The app keeps track of how many calories your body needs every day, how much you're really consuming and how many you're burning, making losing weight a not so stressful activity for your brain. Your body is of course a whole other matter. At log in, you create your own profile inside the app, by entering your weight, height, gender and age. And, depending on your weight loss goals, Lose It! will calculate daily calorie requirements and suggest exercises to keep you fit and on schedule.

Lose It! will force you to pay close attention to the nutritional value and calories contained in each meal. You can select foods from the apps' database, or even create, customize and memorize inside any food not listed, into a corresponding meal category. This is where the app really kicks in, as you are able to customize Lose It! to fit your own diet and exercise routine.

Speaking of which, with Lose It! you also can add exercises from a comprehensive list of activities. The calories burned with each exercise are automatically subtracted from your daily total, keeping you always on top of what's going in and what's coming out. And you can keep track of your progress through a bunch of user-friendly graphs and charts. And this is where the real value of the app lies. The constant tally of calories consumed vs. your recommended daily budget will keep you on your toes and organized. Granted, you won't perhaps resist treats, but you'll have to figure out what exercise you need to do to compensate that chocolate you ate this morning, just so you can keep up with your budget.

Perhaps, as with all such apps and programs, you become more self-aware of what you eat, when you eat, and when and how you exercise. Including thousands of brand-name foods and restaurant meals, it's relatively easy to keep track and log everything you eat. And last but not least, Lose It! is a completely free iPhone app, available in the App Store.


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Lose It!

Developer: FitNow
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Updated: December 3rd, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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