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Fight the dreaded stick men!

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Stick Wars - John Hartzog

Stick Wars iPhone App Review.

StickWars from John Hartzog is the fast-paced action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where you're up against an army of stick figurines that try to invade your castle. It's up to you to stop them from reaching the castle walls and breaking them down. If you were looking for a castle defense type of game, then Stick Wars is the right choice for you.

In Stick Wars, as with any defend your castle game, you have to protect the castle walls from the army of, in this case, stick figurines that try to take them down using only their bare hands. You have to kill them as fast as possible, before they overwhelm you. In the earlier rounds, this is a simple task for someone with god-like powers as you. You simply have to touch the little figurine that's running chaotically towards your castle and flick him up and down and let gravity do the rest. If you flick him high enough, he will splatter onto the ground, and if not, he will continue fighting and you get another shot at him.

The more advanced levels will require planning and strategy, as the horde of stick men is larger, faster, more powerful and has brought with it some tougher and larger stick men that you can't simply pick up like before. In addition, you'll be facing horsemen (faster targets), battering rams and even flying stick men that attack from the sky.

The game is divided into days, and at the end of each day you're paid according to the number of enemies you knocked down. As the days go by, more and more stick men will attack your castle, so, as you progress through the game, you will be getting more cash at the end of each new day. You can then use the cash at the end of the day to repair your castle, or purchase castle defenses and attack upgrades such as bombers, wizards, archers and even a prison. The prison does essentially what it's supposed to do: keep prisoners that you've captured, but with an added bonus. In the prison, stick men are brainwashed into fighting on your side.

The iPhone game StickWars features unlimited rounds, as well as auto saves. After killing enough of the stick men, you can submit your score online to see how you rank to others. You also can choose a difficulty level. The game is available for purchase in the App Store at only $0.99, which is a steal at the great replay value you get for the buck. But what really complemented the game's overall theme and style was the simply effective graphics and the music and sound effects that seemed to work really well within the game to both heighten suspense and give it a more realistic angle. The bad side is that I've personally experienced several game crashes, especially when dealing with multiple enemies or when being defeated. Perhaps later updates will solve that.


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Stick Wars

Developer: John Hartzog
Category: Games
Updated: October 27th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3 / 5

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