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The most curious AIO in the Appstore

Posted by AppBite Team
9 Toolbox - AllAboutApps

9 Toolbox iPhone App Review.

9 Toolbox brings together a very different set of tools, very useful otherwise, that open up new possibilities on you iPhone and iPod Touch. A currency converter, a date calculator, days until a special event, a holiday calendar, an inclinometer, a loan and a tip calculator, a unit converter and a menstrual calendar. Now isn't that a curious bunch to come as an AIO?

The Currency Calculator lets you easily convert between worldwide currency, while currently supporting 164 currency codes. You have the possibility to update the exchange rate either manually or automatically, when you start the app.

The Date Calculator does more than math additions and subtractions. You have the possibility to calculate the number of days between two dates, add days to a set date, and find out ahead of time what day of the week the, say 19th of August 2037 will be (it's a Wednesday).

The Days Until works like a meeting scheduler, letting you know ahead of time how many days are until your mother's birthday. It also lets you customize events with photos. As of today, there are 248 days left until next year's Valentine's Day, which is more than enough time for you to buy your loved one a gift.

With Holidays all the important Holidays like New Year's, Women's Day, Easter or Labor Day are all laid out on the iPhone's screen. You get to choose which country's holidays to display, and the app does the rest display several years ahead as well, with days until that specific holiday.

The Inclinometer is perhaps the most fun to play with app in this AIO. After you go through a simple calibration process, you can use the iPhone or iPod Touch to see how angled a surface is, with the help of a bubble. You can choose to display the angle in degrees or the slope in percentage. Once you have a straight surface, lock the position and calibrate the surface accordingly.

Loan lets you calculate the interest for a set amount, taking into consideration a set term and an annual interest rate. It then gives you useful figures like monthly payments you'd be making, a monthly average interest rate, the total interest and the total amount you'd end up paying at the end of the loan term.

With My Girl's Day you get to plan ahead for the most fertile period for pregnancy. The calendar takes into account a regular menstrual cycle, or you can set your own. It is however no sure prediction, as should not be taken as one.

If you've ever wondered how much you should tip, then this app is just for you. The Tip Calculator will calculate how much tip you should leave based on the total amount on the check, the tax rate and the percentage amount you'd want to leave as a tip. You can also split the tip amongst more people at the table, and the app will calculate that as well.

And finally, perhaps one of the most useful apps that came with 9 Toolbox is the ez Units Converter, for units like area, length, pressure, temperature, volume and weight. The app is pretty self-explanatory with a straight forward method to calculate.

What makes this app special is also the simple and beautiful graphics that come with every individual app in it, and an easy and intuitive interface design that blends with the iPhone's native environment. What we'd have liked to see is the 9 apps being able to communicate between them, where the case may apply. For example the Days Until and the My Girl's Day have an obvious need to communicate. All in all, the 9 Toolbox app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is clearly worthwhile, makes good use of necessary apps that are also available individually for download, but brings them all together under one roof. Did we mention it's also free to download in the AppStore and it offers one free bonus app upon download?


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9 Toolbox

Developer: AllAboutApps
Category: Utilities
Updated: September 6th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3 / 5

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