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Golden Miner - Colorme

Golden Miner iPhone App Review.

The iPhone game from Colorme challenges you to beat the clock while you must dig for precious treasures and avoid obstacles such as moles, rocks and other objects. This mining adventure game offers a unique experience, with golden treasures, some funny sounds and hours of gameplay.

The game features 99 levels spanned over two difficulty stages, providing you with the right incentives to keep the fun going and the little miner reeling the gold in. You have a fixed time of 60 seconds to grab as many pieces of gold, diamonds and other hidden treasures before the time runs out. The game is not static though, as you have to watch out for moles that crawl across the screen blocking your way to the gold and the many rocks worth squat and making gameplay more difficult, but interesting at the same time.

Each valuable piece you reel in gives you a set amount of points, and you get to pass on to the next level as soon as you've hit the necessary target for that level. The money you earn in one level can be used to purchase power-ups such as bombs, strength water or lucky clovers, all available in the prop store. Don't go spending all your money though, as if you can't make the next target for the following level, you're stuck with the props at the current level. So the game also has another interesting angle, in managing creatively and intuitively your so-called budget.

The props do different things, but are all there to help you out. The bomb gives you the power of the dynamite to blow to smithereens an unwanted item you've grabbed by accident, so you don't have to reel it in and lose valuable time. After buying the strength water, your grabbing speed and reeling strength will increase for the next level, but only for that level. The same with the lucky clover, that gets you a good item from the mystery bag.

Golden Miner might have amongst the best graphics and animations we've yet to see for an iPhone and iPod Touch developed game, and together with a simple and at times funny sound track, they make the game worth while no matter the age of the player. The game is currently on sale in the AppStore going for $0.99, while the lite version is free, offering a limited set of levels to enjoy.


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Golden Miner

Developer: Colorme
Category: Games
Updated: May 26th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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