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Biscuit Birthday - zuuka incorporated

Biscuit's Birthday iPhone App Review.

Balloons, presents and friends gathered together, singing Happy Birthday. This is all you need to throw a great birthday party for someone. But when that someone is a playful little puppy, things might not go exactly as planned. If you want to find out more, get Biscuit's Birthday from the AppStore, and read all about this adorable pup's special day in this children’s book.

What is Biscuit's Birthday

Biscuit's Birthday is a beautiful book for all children, no matter if they're just learning to read or they're looking for a nice story to enjoy. From the wonderful graphics to the funny plot, Biscuit's Birthday is guaranteed to bring a smile to any reader's face. Plus, it's also extremely helpful, its main purpose being to help your child improve his reading, while enriching his vocabulary.

Similar to other books for children, Biscuit's Birthday allows your child to read the story himself, or listen to it as it is being read by a default speaker. Every time the speaker pronounces a certain word, this will be highlighted, so that you child can visualize it and memorize it. And the book is so keen on drawing your child's attention that, besides words, he is encouraged to spot a doggy biscuit hidden on every page of the story. At first, this might distract his attention from the words the speaker is reading, but it makes the book look even more appealing, giving him the incentive to go through all the pages of the book. Without even realizing, struggling to find the biscuits will make your child read the story over and over again, and grow to love it.

Biscuit's Birthday is a lot of fun, but educational too

Besides the actual story, Biscuit's Birthday also has a lot of fun activities to offer. There are images to color, stickers to pin on chosen backgrounds, cards to pair up and puzzles to solve. All these things are meant to both make the book more attractive and fun, but also to stimulate your child's mind, logic and creativity. So, even if he might not be so interested in reading the story at first, once he'll go through all these games and activities, he'll want to know more about the story that inspired all this.

Biscuit's Birthday actually has a bit more activities than other books I came across, which can only make it more pleasant for children. But what I was surprised to see was that it lacks a background tune. This, of course, doesn't make it less beautiful, but I think the reading experience would improve, if there was a funny background tune to get your child in the same mood as the characters in the story. However, having all these games, activities, the lovely graphics and the adorable characters can only make Biscuit's Birthday a book that is definitely worth buying for your child.


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Biscuit's Birthday
Developer: zuuka incorporated
Category: Books
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $2.99

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4.5 / 5

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