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Blots - Tau Games

Blots iPhone App Review.

If a lot of people see the iPhone as a gateway to reinventing the wheel, there are others who just want to have fun developing simply amusing applications. They're not after that dare-to-be-great situation by programming something unique and never before seen. Their games may be criticized for being copy-cats or adaptations. The truth is, some of these games are meant to be just that: simply amusing. Imagine a game where you don't need to go through tutorials, rules upon rules upon rules, and several screens before you can finally experience game play. Imagine a game that is so simple that you'd want to play it despite it being so simple.

Such a game is Blots, an iPhone puzzle game developed to mix good fun with interesting brain challenges. Don't expect IQ testers from this one though. The game is a more or less classic match-3 type of puzzle, where you'd have to match 3 or more objects (blots of color) of the same color to take them out of the board. I bet the App Store has plenty of similar games, of some manner. But what makes this game unique is its truly simple and warm interface and game style. The use of warm colors and cartoonish graphics give the game a plus over other such puzzles.

The game screen is simple enough so a child can understand it. The board is naturally divided into cells, and at the bottom of the screen you have a palette with blots on it. Simply pick a blot from the palette and place it on the board so as to match 3 or more blots of the same color. If you place a blot on the board where there are no similar blots, then more blots are added to your board, depending on the difficulty level you're currently at. The more blots you take out in one setting with one smart placement, the more points you get. As you advance through the levels more colors are added to your palette, and your task increases in difficulty. Wrong moves, of course, will cost you more blots being added to your board. When your board fills up, it's game over.

There is a game timer, but it doesn't influence your score. To put it bluntly, Blots wasn't designed to keep track of time, but to make you lose it. One other thing to note about Blots is the sound effects that truly complement the game play and graphics and create a unique experience altogether. The game is available at the steal price of $0.99, with no lite version, unfortunately, to try out before you buy.


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Developer: Tau Games
Category: Games
Released: August 6th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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7 Bites to “Blots: Simple, Amusing, Simply Amusing”

  1. johnw says:

    Love this game! So much fun and very addicting, great visuals and gameplay.

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  3. Lord Gek says:

    The game is so simplistic but its intuitive nature combined with cool progressive scoring had me hooked trying to create even bigger scoring combos!

  4. alex says:

    Nice game, easy and amazing!

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