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UnblockMe - Kiragames

UnblockMe iPhone App Review.

UnblockMe comes straight to your iPhone and challenges you to a few rounds of head-banging on hard-wood bricks as you try to crack the code and squeeze through a set of blocks that slide dependent on each other's movements. The app provides you with countless hours of play packed with both enjoyment and frustration at the same time.

Your task is to steer the red block through the maze, by moving and sliding the other blocks on the screen, so as to clear the way towards the exit, on the right-hand side. The movements are simple, just slide the blocks up, down, left or right to free up your way for the red block to go on undisturbed towards the exit. After last weeks night spent teasing our brains with BrainTeaser, we challenged our testers again with another puzzle game, only this time their task seemed somewhat easier for the first ten or so levels. The app features two game modes, Relaxed and Challenge. In Challenge mode, the app keeps track of all your moves, and, of course, the less, the better, the smarter you feel.

Although the game features the Beginner level, the better half of the levels made quite an impression on us not to mention on our coffee machine as we drained the brown gold from it as we were too excited about the red block finally moving freely towards the edge of the iPhone's screen.

Entertaining as it is, UnblockMe is still a puzzle game, requiring both wits, fast reaction time and careful strategy and planning. Think before you act is the rule of the game, as the Challenge mode keeps track of your number of moves. The lack of any bothering sound effects and the clear and seamless graphics and motions give this game a refreshing change over your regular time wasters.

The free version of the app comes with 400 puzzles and just one Beginner level, while the full version gets you twice as many puzzles, 4 difficulty levels and hours on end of pure enjoyment. The simple idea behind the game, simple and effective graphics and the lack of annoying sounds quickly made this iPhone app rise to the top of Apple's Appstore for Top Free Apps.



Developer: Kiragames
Category: Games
Updated: December 14th, 2010
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

4 / 5

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