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Bouncing Bubbles LITE - JRSOFTWORX

Bouncing Bubbles LITE iPhone Game Review.

Bouncing Bubbles lets you combine gravity, speed, accuracy and power to carefully aim and shoot bubbles in a match-three type of game built around a graphics engine that really impresses with its animations and its awesome graphics.

How to play

Bouncing Bubbles is the very definition of a game with the lowest learning curve you’ll ever see. There’s no need to even read the help section. Just start the game, select your gameplay mode (more on this in a second), and start shooting bubbles.

The way you shoot is by holding down the top bubble and aiming. Dragging the bubble will show an arrow with the direction the bubble will take. The farther you drag the arrow, the longer it’ll get and the more powerful your shot will be.

So why is power an important element in Bouncing Bubbles? It would be if Bouncing Bubbles followed the regular match-three shooter, where you shoot an object and it flies in that direction and sticks to where it lands. In Bouncing Bubbles, gravity takes its toll. If you don’t put enough power in your shot, the bubble might end up just falling and landing right beneath. And there’s a reason why it’s called Bouncing Bubbles. Your shooting bubble will bounce of walls, other bubbles and make other bubbles bounce as well.

This is where the game puts its graphics engine to good use. I love Angry Birds, but I think Bouncing Bubbles’ graphics engine provides smoother and more realistic animations. The bubbles will bounce and move with incredible precision.

This is though a two-edged sword. The animations are realistic and smooth, but that means it will take longer for all the bubbles to settle down. And it’s only when all of them are still that you can shoot another one. This makes for a slower gameplay and, ultimately, a poorer experience.

You can of course play the Fast game mode, where bubbles don’t bounce around as much, but it’s still a little annoying that you need to wait as much to shoot again.

Speaking of game modes, there are four of them. Normal and Fast are pretty much the same, with Fast providing a more rapid gameplay. Gravity is where the game kicks ass. By tilting the iPhone you can change the gravity and better position your bubbles after your initial shot.

I need also to mention that one of these three game modes supports chain reactions like in other match-three. So when you eliminate bubbles from the board and they’re done re-arranging, connecting three or more bubbles of the same color that haven’t been connected before won’t take them out of the game. Instead, you need to always use that one shot to eliminate bubbles.

That’s annoying, but fortunately there’s a game mode that allows for chain reactions: the Multi mode. As far as I can tell, that’s only available in the full version.

Should I play another match-three?

You should. Why? Number one: it’s free. Number two: it has really great animations and super awesome graphics. Number three: you can choose between bubble-styles (my favorites are the fruit bubbles).

What really impresses about the game is the artwork and variety of bubbles. The gameplay is easy to master, but the game itself can only keep you occupied for a handful of minutes at a time. It has a low replay value, with no actual levels, but more like a continuous game play, no power-ups and the general purpose of the game is to beat high scores. I’ve personally never had much faith in games built around scores and would much rather see Bouncing Bubbles put on a different hat and head in another direction in future updates.

The game is definitely worth it, even the free version provides almost as much entertainment as the full game, and there’s no reason why my high-scores argument should prevent you from getting your own copy.


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Bouncing Bubbles LITE
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 2.01
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3 / 5

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4 Bites to “Bounce Time Away With Bouncing Bubbles”

  1. JRSoftWorX says:

    We are about to release an update for Bouncing Bubbles LITE soon.

    It's will feature a new skin and performance improvements.

    In the free version, the advertisement display will be “silenced” for a while if an ad was clicked.

  2. peter2012 says:

    This game is just great and they keep developing and releasing updates.

  3. Rieckhof says:

    Great game. It ranks inside Top 20 for di e games in the US.

  4. F4ii says:

    I love this game!

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