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Digital Copy – Download Links

Posted by Scott Golby

Digital Copies - Download Links

Lately I have noticed 2 things about the Digital Copies I have been getting with my Blu-ray discs (and I am sure the same holds for DVDs)

1) The codes expire way too quickly.

2) Lots of different URLS to go to - also Very Long URLs to type in to get my iTunes copy!

In the interests of saving typing we have started up a collection of links here on AppBite to all the Digital Copy download places we have been to recently.

Save typing & bookmark this page!

The Quick route - Straight to iTunes

Some Digital Copies (but not all) can be downloaded by just going to iTunes Redemption page.

Here we show you how to Redeem a Promo Code and download this way.

Universal Studios

For movies such as

The Big Lebowski, Paul, Your Highness, Alpha Dog
Apollo 13, Darkman, Hot Fuzz, Inside Man
The Last Starfighter, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Backdraft
Carlito's Way, American Gangster

Warner Brothers

For movies such as

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Green Lantern
I am Legend,  Mortal Combat, Sex and the City
Watchmen, Yogi Bear, Hall Pass, Cats & Dogs
Clash of the Titans, Arthur, Nightmare on Elm Street


For movies such as

Hugo, Puss in Boots

Lions Gate


All the Digital copies we know about from Disney / Pixar have required a disc to be inserted, which then (sometimes) auto-loads their page.

Save yourself some typing & bookmark this page!

Need general info on - How to Redeem a Promo Code ?  check out our article.

or if that is all too much...

Apple iTunes

We will keep updating this page, if you know of any other links please mention it in the comments below, and what movie you bought.

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