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How To Make The iPad2’s Battery Last 10 Hours

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 22 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   1 Comment

The iPad2 has an amazing battery that lasts a whole of 10 hours on a full charge. This is what Apple promised us and they did deliver. But when you first buy your iPad2, the battery seems to be draining a whole lot faster, and then you think to yourself that maybe you should have read the fine print. And the fine print on Apple’s site says that the testing was conducted with specific iPad units and specific settings. Actual results may vary.

But if you want to make the most of the iPad2’s battery, perhaps there are a few settings that can give you more battery in a single charge. It’s what I first looked for after using up my brand new iPad2’s battery in less than four hours.

Your iPad2 came standard with a bunch of factory settings that you might not even need during regular use. These settings, like 3G, bluetooth or mail notifications, eat up [...]

iPad Tips: Pictures & Videos On Your iPad2

By Bogdan Lazar   August - 25 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   1 Comment

So, you’re looking to watch videos on your iPad or even stream them directly from your desktop computer? AirVideo and FlexPlayer will do the job for you. With autumn right around the corner, the beautiful colors will soon come out to play. I’ve said before that autumn is my favorite season, if only just for the amazing color palettes, but with these new photography apps we should all be able to capture feelings that much better. If you’re looking for a great photo app that does panorama for you, then 360 Panorama is your obvious choice.

So let’s get cracking!

If you have a big collection of videos on your computer, syncing your iPad to have the entire collection with you might prove a fool’s task. So why not watch them over the air and suddenly space on your iPad is no longer an issue.

With AirVideo, you can stream your videos right [...]

Digital Copy – Download Links

By Scott Golby   August - 16 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   2 Comments

Links to where to download Digital Copies of DVD & Blu-ray films. Save typing & bookmark this page!

iPad Tip: Redeeming Promo Codes And Updating All Apps At Once

By Bogdan Lazar   August - 10 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   4 Comments

We all love apps and games. I personally have about 70 in total on my iPad and I just bought it a month ago. Even with a slower rate of approval the AppStore is known to have, there’s still barely a day that goes without me having to update an app. But what happens when you have to update 10-20 apps?

If you’re a reviewer like myself or you’re on the watch for those deals out there that give out promo codes for tweets or leaving comments on various blogs, you want to know how you can redeem that promo code and get your free copy of the app. So how do you do that?

It’s of course counter productive to download one update at a time, not to mention a repetitive and boring task. Not to worry, you don’t have to get your updates one at a time from the AppStore. Apple has a solution for that and it sits neatly in the upper-right corner of the tab bar in the AppStore app on [...]

Your iPad2: Photo Tips & Tricks

By Bogdan Lazar   July - 27 - 2011    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   1 Comment

Even though the iPad2 doesn’t put much of a fight when it comes to the two cameras it comes bundled with, you’re still in for a treat when actually dealing with photos on the device. So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks you might not be aware of when it comes to the iPad2 and the photos you take with it.

As with the iPhone, you can easily capture whatever it is on your iPad’s screen as a photo. The mechanism hasn’t changed. Simply hold down the Power button and push the Home button at the same time. The display will flash, a shutter click will sound and the image will be automatically saved in the Camera Roll in Photos.

From there, you can assign it to a contact, email it, print it or use it as a wallpaper.

When you want to send some pictures via email to your friends, all you need [...]

2 Tips When Dealing With Images On Your iPhone

By AppBite Team   February - 2 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   No Comments

Here are two tricks when dealing with images on your iPhone.

No matter what screen you’re in, or what application is running, you can take a screenshot at anytime without the need to install any other app. You can do this by pressing and holding the “Home” and sleep button at the same time. The screen will flash, a camera-like sound will be dispatched in the speakers and the screenshot will be stored in your Camera Roll. This is a nice little trick especially if you’ve just reached a new record score in some game your playing. It gives you bragging rights to your friends.

When you’re browsing the web and want to save a cool image on a website, you can simply tap and hold on the image until the menu pops up. From there, you can select “Save Image” and you’ve just downloaded it onto your iPhone. [...]

The iPhone’s Sensors Explained

By AppBite Team   February - 1 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   No Comments

I was thinking these days how I was taking for granted many of the iPhone’s features. Multi-touch, yes that’s a cool thing. I couldn’t imagine going back to a regular phone now. Games? Definitely, I can play as much as I like and the AppStore has more than enough to choose from. But the regular things we all do on our iPhone, those we take for granted. Things like talking on the phone or text-messaging. Apple built in three cool sensors that not everyone knows are there, but all use them, whether we like it or not. I’m talking about the accelerometer, the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor.

We’ve seen this sensor implemented on more than one occasion in games and applications from the AppStore. But strip your iPhone of everything you’ve installed. Make it out-of-the-box, and the accelerometer is still [...]