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9 Tips For Safari Browsing You Should Be Aware Of

By AppBite Team   January - 25 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   No Comments

To start with, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use these tips. They come right out of the box starting with firmware 3.1.2. Even though you might know some of them already, I’m sure there something in here for everyone and that’s reason enough to have it posted here as Tips & Tricks.

The first one’s the easiest one. Tapping and holding on any link within Safari for just a few seconds will show a pop-up overlay with the destination URL. If an image is linked, meaning it leads to some webpage, you can apply the same technique to it.

The tap-and-hold technique can be applied to open the link in a new page as well. After you get the nice pop-up screen, choose Open In New Page and Safari will open the link in a new window, and you can continue browsing from there. If at any time you want to return to one [...]

Where To Find The Apps From The Apple TV Spots

By AppBite Team   January - 25 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   5 Comments

If you’re an avid Apple TV consumer like me, then you’ve already seen the dozens of TV commercials that feature those great apps that are available on the AppStore. If you haven’t, you might want to check them out, so here’s the link for the TV spots here.

And if you’re like me, you always get the impulse of “hey, I want to check that app out” and immediately go to the AppStore to try it out, or at least see the screenshots and read the description.

But with the dozens of TV spots going around, it’s hard to keep track of what app was featured, so you don’t always get a chance to try it out.

Fortunately, the iTunes Store has a section that lists all the apps they’ve ever featured in a TV commercial, complete with links to their respective description and download link the AppStore. It currently holds 67 apps and [...]

How To Find Your iPhone UUID Using iTunes

By AppBite Team   January - 22 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   6 Comments

As some of you might be willing to help out a developer with beta-testing their apps, he will most certainly ask you for the UUID for your device. So this is a quick three-step guide to finding your iPhone Universally Unique Identifier (or UUID) using iTunes.

While there are apps out there that will tell you what your UUID is, some will cost you money, and if all you need is the UUID, then it’s pointless to download an app that does that. Instead, you can use iTunes to reveal it. Here’s how.

Connect your iPhone to your MAC or PC and if iTunes doesn’t start automatically, fire it up. Next, go to the Devices heading in the navigation panel on your left and locate your iPhone.

Under the iPhone’s Summary heading, you should see a bunch of information including the software version, your phone number and [...]

8 Awesome iPhone Keyboard Tricks You Should Know

By AppBite Team   January - 22 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   8 Comments

Some of these you may know already, or have been using intuitively on your iPhone. Either way, I thought it’d be nice to have a more or less comprehensive list of what you can actually do on your iPhone’s keyboard.

When you finish typing a sentence and you’re looking to for the period and then the space bar, stop looking. Simply double-tap space and the iPhone will type them for you. On the off-chance this isn’t working, just go into Settings > General > Keyboard and make sure the “.” shortcut is turned on.

How about when you don’t need to end the sentence with a period, but rather a question mark or exclamation mark? You have to switch to the number and symbols keyboard by tapping “.?123″ and tap the desired punctuation and then switch back to letters. Of course, there’s a shorter way.[...]

How To Quickly Access iPod Controls From Any Application

By AppBite Team   January - 19 - 2010    See more Apps inTips & Tricks   2 Comments

If you’re like me, you’re always listening to music on your iPhone, even when surfing the web, writing an email or playing a game (that lets you do that). As you might know, iPod is amongst the few apps that can officially run in the background. That being said, there had to be a way to access it from within any other running application.

And there is, only that the feature is “hidden” in your iPhone’s General Settings. So go under Settings > General > Home and under Double-Clicking the Home Button heading select iPod (if it’s not selected already). Make sure iPod Controls are ON and that’s it.

From now on, when you want to pop-up the iPod controls from whichever app, simply double tap the Home button and there it is. The track information and the volume and play controls in one pop-up overlaying [...]