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Reading Appbite With A RSS Reader

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 19 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

If you’ve followed along with our IFTTT article last week, you’ve seen how easy it is to set up some simple email notifications for when your favorite blog (Appbite, wink, wink) posts a new article. But what happens if you have more than a few blogs you’re following and they’re all pretty active publishers? WEll, the gist of it is that you’ll see a ton of email coming to your account. That may be fine for some of us who live in our Inbox, but for others, email is counter-productive. But fear not, there’s an easy way to stay up to date with Appbite and other blogs without worrying about email overload. Enter RSS readers.

In short, a RSS reader is a piece of software, desktop, mobile or browser-based, that allows its users to read RSS and atom feeds. Whenever a blog or publication that supports these types of feeds (and they pretty much all do have it) [...]

How To Stay Up To Date With Your Favorite Blogs

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 12 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

I often find myself checking various blogs and websites for new articles they may have posted. Manually doing this for every website takes time, not to mention it’s boring as hell. Luckily there are better ways to do this. How about a quick and dirty solution to email you a notification whenever publishes a new article? The same solution can be applied to almost any web blog, so keep on reading…

We’re going to be using a free online tool called IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”). IFTTT comes from If This Then That and is a dead-easy tool to create powerful connections between various online services, called channels. These connections are known in the IFTTT community as recipes and they always involve two services (this and that): a trigger (this) and an action (that). Quick annalogies for this [...]

Does Facetime cost money ?

By Scott Golby   November - 25 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   5 Comments

Does Facetime cost money ? (when used on an iPhone)
We try to answer this question for those with iPhones on 3G/4G networks

5 Free Apps To Make Traveling Easier

By Maria Poeana   July - 20 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

Planning a trip can prove to be a real nightmare. Once you pick your destination, there are so many things to do that you sometimes feel overwhelmed. Find a cheap flight or a car to rent, book a room at a hotel or rent a house…and that’s just the beginning. Once you get there, you have to see where to eat, what to visit, what outdoor activities are the most fun and what to do to make the most out of this trip. And a single thing like not being able to communicate to the people around you because of the language barrier can ruin your trip completely. But that doesn’t mean you should give up traveling. Especially when there are so many apps that can make all these problems just magically disappear. And here are just 5 of them.

What do you do first after picking a destination? Look up flights or car rentals, and hotels that are [...]

5 Apps To Get You In The Euro 2012 Frenzy

By Bogdan Lazar   June - 16 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments
official uefa euro 2012 icon

Euro 2012 is finally here. And what better way to celebrate it than with 5 soccer apps? Besides watching the games, of course. They’re fun, they’re new, and they’re guaranteed to get you in the game frenzy.

The Official UEFA Euro 2012 is definitely the ultimate app when it comes to getting yourself informed about this year’s European Soccer Championship. Whatever you want to find out about the teams, match days or any other Euro 2012 sports related news, you can with a single download of this app. Once you download it, you can check out the complete calendar of the championship, the groups and the teams, as well as lineups for every recent game. If you’re particularly interested in a game or team, set up personalized alerts to receive the

Hollywood Box Office Hits That Inspired Free iOS Games

By Maria Poeana   June - 2 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments
the lorax icon

The Apple AppStore has been around for four years now, and Hollywood for a whole lot more than that, but it’s only been in the last couple of years that box office hits found their way in one for or another on our iPhones and iPads. Apps that aimed to introduce us to the world described in the movie, or games that stranded from the original movie plot. Sometimes, the movie is better than the game, but sometimes, the game goes way beyond of what the movie offers. I’ve quite enjoyed the Cowboys and Aliens game that came out last year, but dreaded the money I spent to watch that movie. I really liked 2012 the movie, but found the game to be too…away from the movie.

This year, so far, only a handful of Hollywood box office hits found their way to our iPhones and iPads. And we want to tell you about the best ones. [...]

Emailing Photos, Audiobooks and Locking Your Screen Orientation

By Bogdan Lazar   March - 13 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   1 Comment

It’s time for some latest tips on how to better take advantage of your iPhone and iPad. A lot of the times we were asked how you can send multiple photos from your camera roll via email to friends. Other readers had issues with the iPhone’s screen rotating from landscape to portrait at the most inconvenient times. Plus, we discover how we can turn any iBook into an Audiobook without any extra apps.

So you’ve taken a bunch of photos at the party and you want to share them with everyone who was there. Simple enough. Go to the Photos app and locate the photos you want to share. Press the ”Share” button up top, before selecting any one photo.

This will let you tap on multiple photos to select them. The catch is that the maximum number of photos that you can share at once via email directly from the Photos app is 5. So go ahead [...]