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Siri 101 On The iPhone4S

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 12 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   13 Comments

If you bought an iPhone4S you’re surely excited to use Siri, your own personal assistant. From booking restaurants and buying movie tickets, to setting up appointments, answering emails and checking on the weather, Siri is a gem that, for now, only the iPhone4S can brag about.

Siri was originally developed by SRI International back in 2010 when they launched Siri, the iPhone app, in February. Siri was then a standalone third-party app that would act as a voice-command interface between you and your iPhone. Even back then, Siri had a more conversational style to its commands. Rather than you having to learn a set of commands (What’s the weather or What’s the time) and issuing these rigid orders to your [...]

What You Need To Know About The iPhone4S

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 9 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

So the iPhone4S launched in the US two months ago, but it wasn’t until last month that a lot more international launches happened around the world. Living in Romania certainly didn’t make it easier for me to get my hands on the new iPhone, not to mention that I was waiting to upgrade my 3G (yes, my 3G) for like forever. But a few weeks after the launch in Romania that happened on November 11th, I finally got the iPhone4S in its shinny box, iCloud sticker and all. So what’s in the box, is it worth upgrading your phone to Apple’s latest model smartphone and what’s ahead for the users in terms of software?

A little bit of a disclaimer before I get into the good stuff. Most of the opinion in this article has as a basis the fact that I switched directly from the 3G to the 4S. iPhone4 users may not have the same blown-away experience I had when I [...]

Top Free iPad Apps You Should Get On Day One

By Bogdan Lazar   November - 8 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

So you bought your first iPad and now what do you do? Why download apps of course. The AppStore boasts over 500,000 apps, that’s an amazing number all by itself. You’re sure to discover a new app every day, but here’s a list of must have free apps to get on day one! These apps aim to make your experience reading news, browsing the internet, viewing videos, getting things done and being social as elegant as possible.

If it didn’t come with your iPad already, then you definitely have to get this one. iBooks will quickly become a steady replacement for your bookshelf. All the major publishers are bringing their books to the iBooks Store so you’re sure to have your favorite books always with you, just a few touches away.

iBooks makes reading on the iPad quite an enjoyable experience and you’ll quickly forget that you’re not [...]

Escape The Room 2 Walkthrough Room 10 – Countdown

By Bogdan Lazar   October - 26 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   7 Comments

Room 10 is Countdown and this time you will have a choice to make, each one leading to a different outcome. It’s not half as complicated as the previous level, and, depending on what you choose, you can be out of there in a couple of minutes or you’ll have to struggle with mathematical operations that might prevent you from getting out of there alive, before the bomb explodes.

The first thing you will see in Room 10 is a bomb. As if it wasn’t enough that you have to hurry up to prevent the bomb in your chest from exploding, now you have another bomb to worry about. But you’re not the only one trapped in this room. There are also four people locked in four different cages. And guess who they are.

Remember the previous level, when you discovered all those pictures that were hidden on the memory cards? Well, each one of these people appeared in one of the [...]

How To Backup Your iTunes Library Apps

By Bogdan Lazar   October - 26 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments
iTunes Applications Sidebar

If you’re like me, you’ve got hundreds of apps on your iOS devices and hundreds more in your iTunes library. Whenever you see an app you like, you quickly download it, you play with it, maybe use it extensively for some time, but you don’t always fall in love with it. You end up deleting it from your iPhone or iPad, but decide to keep it in your iTunes library, just in case.

If you do this enough times with enough apps, the discrepancy between your iTunes library and your iPhone will be huge. I personally have over 10GB of apps in my iTunes library, but only about 60 apps on my devices. That’s almost ten times as many apps just sitting on my computer that I don’t use.

Whenever any of these apps receives an update, iTunes will display a notification next to the Applications heading in the iTunes sidebar. And if you’re anything like [...]

Escape The Room 2 Walkthrough Room 9 – Judgment – Part One

By Bogdan Lazar   October - 21 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

Room 9 is Judgement and it is, by far, the hardest room you’ve been trapped in. As a heads up, you’ll have to go through more than 8 rooms to clear this level and you’re gonna need at least one item in every room to be able to resolve the mysteries in the following rooms. There are a lot of things to do, codes are getting harder and harder to crack and time is limited. I won’t separate this walkthrough into items you need to pick up and then all the puzzles, because each room needs items from the previous room to solve. Also, all the adjacent rooms in this level are basically rooms you’ve previously been in. That’s a neat way to keep things in perspective and keep in mind that the whole game is a puzzle, not just individual levels.

Due to the fact that this level is so big, for readability purposes, I’ve divided the walkthrough into two

Escape The Room 2 Walkthrough Room 9 – Judgment – Part Two

By Bogdan Lazar   October - 21 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Tips & Tricks   No Comments

Enter the Northwest room. Cut the wire on the West wall with the cutter from the previous room and enter a second room – Room 6 from before.

Pick up the tools from the blue tool box on the table and the screwdriver from the red toolbox. Optionally, get the Jigsaw 10 from the green drawer on the East wall. Use the screwdriver to make a crack in the floor, near the table, and grab the gold key.

Take the wooden board from the floor, near the door filled with lightbulbs on the South wall. Take a closer look at the lightbulbs. See how the flickering lights form a four digit code. As before, squint your eyes to get the numbers. Go to the previous room, insert the code to open the vault, and grab Memory Card B and injector. Insert the card in [...]