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Eliminate Pro - ngmoco

Eliminate Pro iPhone App Review.

The very first First Person Shooter available on the almighty iPhone and playable exclusively online! Free of charge! Wow, now that's a headline you're likely to catch. Putting aside all skepticism, I went ahead and downloaded Eliminate Pro and boy am I glad I did. Eliminate Pro is not a simple FPS game. With all the complexities the developers - ngmoco:) - built around it, including a system for leveling up, buying weapons, competing against real friend (or foes) and the great Credits system, well, I must say I was stunned by the efforts and work put into such a great release.

Exclusively Multiplayer Online

First I should note that Eliminate Pro is a FPS that's built entirely around live multiplayer death matches. You can choose to play the game agaist various bots (no fun there), but you'd still need a WiFi or 3G connection to log in. And the reason for this is the scoring system that's behind Eliminate Pro. You start off with a certain amount of "Energy" that automatically recharges all the time. Everytime you compete in a game, you'll be drawing from that energy pool and gain credits for various objectives within that game (killing of opponents in one of them). Draining your Energy pool will still allow you to play games, but your character won't be credited for valid kills and such. The purpose of playing with bots (as far as I see it) is getting your settings tweaked, getting used to the controls and generally getting around Eliminate Pro. It's pointless to use up Energy just to learn the game.

And this would really be my first advice to novice and experienced gamers alike. Play around with the various settings available to you in the Settings screen. Tweak them to your liking, test them against bots in a test environment and then head on to the real arena. You'll definitely enjoy the game more.

Easy controls

You move by using the virtual stick on the bottom-left of your screen, and aim and fire by using the right virtual stick. Tapping the bottom half of the screen will make you jump in the air (good tactic to become a harder target), while reloading and swithcing weapons is done by tapping in the upper right corner. Once you're used to the controls and how the game works, it's fun experience, guaranteed!

The game loads stunningly fast considering the amount of data that's being transfered, not to mention connecting a bunch of players. There are multiple arenas to play in, each with its specific layout and tricks. What really got me going with this game is how smooth the graphics and animations feel when you're thinking the game is actually played on a mobile device. The slick, futuristic theme coupled with the realisitc sound effects of your rifle blasting away at opponents and splattering their blood on the walls, all these make up a sweet experience, one that's hard to forget.

Buy in-game power-ups right from your iPhone

The twist of the game is the In-App Purchase section. The first time you run into this is when you have to recharge your player's Energy pool. Initially you start off with 30 power cells, and depending on how much you play in one session, recharging takes 10-12 power cells. Once you run out of power cells, you have two options: wait a whole four hours for a full recharge, or buy power cells via In-App Purchase. 20 cells will cost you $0.99, while 975 power cells will set you back 30 bucks.

Next up is the Buy Gear section of the game. There, you can use the “Credits” you earned previously by killing off players or buy new ones to get new weapons and armor. So, while the game is free to download, keeping your player charged up so you can earn Credits can become seriously expensive. Well, it's either that, or waiting 4 hours to be able to draw blood again.

Either route you choose, Eliminate Pro is one awesome iPhone game you shouldn't miss out on. ngmoco:) clearly put much effort into making it one of the slickest games in the AppStore today. So go ahead, give it a try and tell me what you think! See you on the battlefield!


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Eliminate Pro

Developer: ngmoco :)
Category: Games
Released: December 6th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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