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Fruit Ninja - Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja iPhone Game Review.

I first played Fruit Ninja a long time ago, when it first launched on the App Store. And I must admit I was probably one of the few who weren't really impressed. I mean, the game was nice and all, but it didn't have that something to keep me up all night playing. Today, I've decided to give it another try. And let me just tell you this: I'm glad I did.

Crazy addictive

Fruit Ninja is, indeed, an extremely addictive game. It might sound weird, since all you do is try to slash as many fruits as you can, while they constantly pop out on the screen. But then again, who thought that shooting birds at pigs would be so addictive? And it proved to be a total hit. Just like Fruit Ninja also is.

Now, if you download the free version of the game, Fruit Ninja is really addictive and all, but it's nothing compared to the paid version. Because with the paid version, you have all sorts of cool new modes, plus 3 versions of Multiplayer. And more.

New Modes

The newest modes you can try with the paid version are Zen and Arcade. With Zen Mode, you can enjoy slashing all those fruits without having to worry about bombs popping out on the screen. And the Arcade Mode is full of cool power-ups that make the game so much more exciting. Plus, your Classic Mode high scores will be nothing compared to the ones you'll get with these modes.

Challenge your friends

As far as Multiplayer is concerned, you can challenge a friend to a Zen Duel on your device, no matter if you choose the paid or the free version of the game. But with the paid version, you can also try a Classic Duel, with bombs and all, plus challenge a friend or a random opponent online.

And that's not all. Both versions of the game also offer you all sorts of cool upgrades that you can purchase or unlock as you complete certain tasks, or score more points.

A hit that even a cat can play

Bottom line, Fruit Ninja has become an extremely complex game, with a lot of things to offer. Even now, when I've pretty much covered all the cool stuff it does, I can't be certain that I haven't left out some other amazing feature. The graphics are really nice. The idea of the game is simple, yet affective. And the game is in a constant state of improvement, although it's been a hit right from the start. So, what more could we ask for?

To conclude, have a look at this cute kitty kicking ass and taking names at Fruit Ninja on an iPad:


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Fruit Ninja
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
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Version reviewed: 1.8.4
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